Significance of Houses in Horoscopes Reading

Significance of Houses in Horoscopes Reading

Today we will find out the significance of houses in horoscope readings but first the distinction between the houses and signs (Raashis) should be clearly understood.

Here is a birth chart, which will explain their relationship:

Right Side: I to VI Houses and Left Side: VII to XII Houses

chapter 6.1.1

Lagna or Ascendant is the First House, No. 5 indicates the sign (Raashi). It means that Sun, Mars and Mercury are occupying the first house in Leo sign (Raashi No. 5). Moon occupies the 2nd House in Virgo (Sign No. 6) and so on and so forth.

In all, there are twelve houses and each house has its own distinctive nature and function.

1st House (Lagan or Ascendant)

Presiding Lord (Sun): It is the house of the king. It is the most important house in the birth-chart that is why it is called King Lagna or Ascendant. An auspicious or exalted planet in the house raises the man to the pinnacle of glory and fame and a malefic planet destroys not only health but also wealth and position. In fact, this is the House of fate, position and prosperity.

This house refers to body, constitution, health, prosperity, personality, character, appearance, glory, name and fame, happiness, misery, status in society, peace of mind, age, knowledge etc. It represents head, neck and pelvis.

The chief consideration of this house is self and matters connected with it.

2nd House

Presiding Lord (Jupiter): It is the sacred temple of God; hence it denotes domestic happiness, personal fate, honour, wealth, prosperity, old age, precious metal etc. It also governs face, right eye, mouth, right shoulder and quality of speech. It also refers to one’s faith in God, truth versus falsehood, generosity or miserliness, oratory etc.

Being God’s dwelling place, even Rahu and other wicked planets give up their evil designs & deeds and bow before the great Guru i.e. Jupiter. This house, therefore, is very important for predicting promotion, happiness, prosperity and better status. It is the abode of goddess Laxmi, showering wealth and happiness upon the person. It confers wealth and respect from in –laws. The planet in this house becomes exalted provided house no. 8 is vacant. In the case of Jupiter, it remains dormant or asleep, if there is no planet in house no.8.

House no. 2 does not aspect house no. 8, but it aspects house no. 6 in a friendly manner (house no. 8 aspects house no. 2). In this house, Moon, Venus and Saturn give Raashi (Sign) results. House no. 9 is the ocean full of monsoons and house no. 2 is just like series of mountains where the monsoons hover and bless the hills & valleys with beneficent rains.

It is made all the more exalted if it is occupied by Moon.

3rd House

Presiding  Lord (Mars): This house is reserved for real brothers, sisters, relatives, servants, velour, both physical and moral death of parents, right ear, throat, neck, right arm, upper part of chest, illness, road to the other world, and above all, an outlet for wealth i.e. expenditure.

Moon in the house confers life and saves man from misfortunes, provided it is not destroyed by Saturn from House no.8. if house no. 11 is the house of income, house no.3 is the house of expenditure. If house no. 3 is occupied by malefic planets and no. 6 and no. 8 are also malefic, there will be a death like situation, but the saving grace will be the planet neither in house nor enemy of the planet in house no. 3 For example: Mars in no. 12 and ketu in no. 3 (although both of them are enemies) will confer wealth. Similarly, Mercury in no. 12 and Jupiter or Saturn in no. 3 will bestow wealth and honour, although Mercury is Jupiter’s enemy.

If Venus and Rahu are in no. 12, and Saturn is in no. 3, Rahu will not be able to harm Venus, as Venus will be aspected by a friend i.e. Saturn. It has been often noticed that Rahu- Venus in house no. 12 often leads to separation between husband and wife or death of the spouse, if it is not aspected by Saturn from house no. 3. If there is two or more planets in house no. 3, the planets of house no. 12 will have individual effect – good or bad.

4th House

Presiding Lord (Moon): It refers to education, conveyances, mother, landed property, treasure, intelligence, house, righteous conduct, nobility of soul, piety, perfumes, clothes, right portion of nose, thighs, good reputation, ancestral property, abundance of rice and milk etc. it denotes ‘mother’ s lap and her blessings’ . It fills man’s coffer with wealth, ocean of milk, and makes his life comfortable and easy. Rahu and Ketu shun their evil designs and take oath before the moon (mother) not to indulge in diabolical acts. Planets in this house always help the man at the time of distress, especially old age.

In this house Venus, Mars and Ketu confer ‘Raashi effect’. Saturn is like a poisonous snake and Mars in caner is malefic. Benefic Jupiter gives exalted results only when it occupies house no.2 and 4 in the annual chart. Naturally this house denotes God’s plenty by Mother’s grace.

When any planet occupies house no. 4 and moon is malefic in a house outside the four Kendras (1, 4, 7, 10), the planets in house no. 4, whether friends or foes, will not adversely affect Moon. For example, if Ketu is in house no. 4 and Moon is in house no. 8 or 11, Ketu will no longer be malefic. It may also be noted that if house no. 3, 6 and 8 are malefic in the birth chart, then house no. 4 becomes the excuse for death. Further, Moon exercises good influence id house no. 4 is vacant and Moon does not occupy any of the Kendras i.e. 1, 4, 7 & 10. Even if exalted Jupiter occupies house no.4 which confers wealth & prosperity, will be dormant and asleep if house no. 10 is vacant.

5th House

Presiding Lord (Sun and Jupiter): This house refers to children (sons and daughters) and their fate and future, knowledge, eminence, wisdom, intelligence, legacy of good actions, writing of books, right cheek, right side of heart and right thigh, honesty, integrity, hot temper etc. in fact, this house is the repository of knowledge and bright children.

If house no. 10 is occupied by Jupiter or Sun or both, they will strike at the very roots of the planet in house no.5 and fill it with poison, even though house no. 5 is occupied by a friend of Jupiter or Sun. Remedy lies in burying the articles concerning the enemies of planet in house no.5, in the foundation of the house or in the earth. An enemy planet in house no. 6 also destroys the planet in house no. 5, in that case, bury the articles pertaining to the enemy in the earth, if house no. 8 is malefic.

If malefic planets occupy house no. 3, 4 or 9, they will exercise malefic influence on hose no. 5. Further, malefic Saturn and Venus exercise bad effect but that effect is minimized and nullified if Moon is exalted. If Sun-Venus or Sun-Jupiter are placed in house no. 5 in the horoscope, man suffers from ill health whenever any wicked planet or Venus occupies house no. 1 in the Annual Chart. But if Venus, Mercury or any wicked planet is in house no. 5 in the birth chart, then man also suffers from ill health when Sun or Jupiter occupies house no. 1 in the annual chart.

6th House

Presiding Lord (Mercury and Ketu): This house refers to the underworld (Lord Yama and Pluto – the God of the death), maternal uncles, worries, enemies, secret, help, compassion, litigation, the right side of calf, chest and jaws, disease, venereal diseases, fear, misfortunes, wounds opposition and enmity.

House no.2 helps house no. 6. Mars and Saturn in this house always give ‘Raashi’ effect. Saturn in no. 6 adversely aspects house no. 2 and destroys it even though occupied by a friends. Mars in no. 4 will not be malefic, if Sun and Moon are in house no. 6. Rahu and Mercury will never give bad results in no. 6. Except Sun, Moon and Jupiter (which will give ‘Raashi’ result), all other planets in this house will confer their own planet’s effect. If Mercury and Ketu jointly occupy this house, Ketu (son) becomes debilitating and Mercury (daughter) is exalted in this house and will never adversely aspect house no. 2 and Kendras (1, 4, 7, 10).

7th House

Presiding Lord (Venus): This house denotes domestic happiness or domestic discord, marriage, spouse (husband or wife), sexual desires, extra-marital affairs, journey to distant places, the mouth, navel, and two feet, good perfumes, partaking of delicious foods, soft drinks, couple of sweethearts or wives, urinary trouble, sex organs. Passion, marriage, love and marital happiness are the hallmarks of this house. It is, in fact, the house of goddess Laxmi (the goddess of wealth).

Saturn, Venus and Mercury are exalted, whereas Sun (except in Leo) is malefic. Hen Venus or Moon (female planet) in this house is associated with two or more planets, its effect will be visible on male planet. In order words, instead of wife (Venus) or mother (Moon) effect will be felt on Jupiter (father) or Mars (brother) or sun (self) – whether good or bad.

Jupiter, Sun (debilitating), Moon and Rahu give ‘Raashi’ results in this house.

8th House

Presiding Lord (Mars – debilitating): It is the house of disease and death, cruel and callous justice, longevity of life, diseases of genitals, anus, urinary troubles, debts, loans cremation ground i.e. death, bad name, notoriety, ill-fame. Scorpio, the lord of this sign, is the symbol of disease & death and, hence, malefic.

This house id the house of cruel and inhuman justice i.e. tit for tat or tooth for a and eye for an eye. It knows no compassion or mercy. If Sun or Moon or Jupiter individually or collectively occupy this house, they remain confined to this house and will not aspect no. 12 or no. 2. They will conquer death. Further, Saturn or Mars or Moon are always good if alone in this house. But, if two or all three of them are conjunct, they will spell disease and death. Moon will destroy mental health and wealth and Mars (malefic) will wreak havoc. Mercury or Mars in no.8 is always malefic, but Mercury and Mars together in house no. 8 are good, provided Saturn does not occupy house no. 2 otherwise Mars will be malefic and will lead to death.

Moon will give its ‘Raashi’ effect in the house. a weak or malefic Moon in this house leads to epilepsy, depression, insanity and palpitation of heart.

9th House

Presiding Lord (Jupiter): this house deals with inherited property, lands and legacy left by ancestors, religious inclination, piety, fame, nobility, good deeds, charitable acts, visit to holy places,

Long life of parents/ grandparents, goodness inherited from ancestors, foundation of one’s own fate, comforts, previous birth, left cheek, left side of heart and knees. It is, in fact, Jupiter’s abode and temple. If Jupiter is exalted, best results are available and if malefic, results are not to one’s desires. Mercury or Venus or malefic Mars will confer bad results. Saturn will bestow best results for sixty years. Ketu, Sun, Moon, Mars (benefic) will give exalted results. Exalted Jupiter alone in this house, without any adverse aspect, confers royal status on man. Jupiter acts as ‘Huma’ – a legendary bird, which makes a man king, if it flies over his head.

Further references and explanations

House no.9 means the foundation of fate and is like a boundless ocean. House no. 2is the foundation of all the nine planets and no. 4 is the foundation of house no. 2. When house no. 3 and 9 are vacant, no. 9 is awakened by house no. 2. Further, when a dormant planet of horoscope occupies house no. 9 in the annual chart, it becomes active and confers good results.

(a)        Sun in house no. 8 occupies house no. 9 during 22nd years, hence its good results for 22 years i.e. up to 44th year.

(b)        Moon in house no. 8 occupies house no. 9 during 24th year, hence its best results from 24th to 48th year.

(c)         Mars in house no. 2 occupies house no. 9 during 28th year, hence its good results from 28th to 56th year.

(d)        Jupiter in house no. 2 occupies house no.9 during 16th year, hence its good results from 16th to 32nd year.

(e)        Saturn in house no. 8 occupies house no.9 during 36th year, hence its good results from 36th to 72nd year.

(f)         Mercury in house no. 3 occupies house no. 9 in 17th year, hence its bad results from 17th to 34th year.

(g)        Venus in house no. 12 occupies house no. 9 in 25th year, hence its bad results only during 25th year, if it is adversely aspected by house no. 3 or 5. Otherwise good results.

(h)       Rahu in house no. 4 occupies house no. 9 in 42nd year, hence its good results from 42nd to 84th year.

(i)         Ketu in house no.8 occupies house no.9 in 48th year, hence its good results from 48th to 96th year.

10th House

Presiding Lord (Saturn): It refers to rank, status, profession, position, honour from state, ruling authority, father’s patronage, means of livelihood, field of action, trade, commerce, general success in life, the left nostril, left thigh etc. if malefic, man is cunning and sly like a fox or a wounded snake.

Mars is exalted in this house provided it is all alone and is not adversely aspected by another planet. If this house is adversely aspected or destroyed by enemy planets, the whole horoscope is termed ‘blind horoscope’ and even exalted Saturn fails to redeem it.

It is also the house of deception. Whenever a planet occupies this house in the annual chart, refer to 8th and 2nd house. If house no. 8 is malefic, this house will be doubly malefic and if house no. 2 is benefic, it will be dobby benefic. If house no. 8 and house no. 2 are vacant, then look to house no. 3, 5 and 11 for help. If they are also vacant, Saturn’s position will decide the final verdict – whether good or bad.

Role of Rahu, Ketu and Mercury is suspicious in this house. in that case, if Saturn is benefic, results are good, otherwise bad if mutually hostile planets occupy house no. 10, such a horoscope is like a blind man finding his way with difficulty. In that case, benefic Moon helps.

11th House

Presiding Lord (Jupiter/Saturn): Saturn is the Lord of this house, but, Jupiter holds it’s ‘Durbar’ here. Hence, Saturn vows before the great guru i.e. Jupiter to shun its evil ways.

This is the house of income, gains, acquisition of gold, jewels, all items of luxury, fulfillment of cherished desires, field of fate, luxurious living, houses, left ear, arm and left testicles.

This is the house of gain and income and not that of expenditure. House no. 3 denotes expenditure. Exalted Mars in this house decides about wealth. Exalted Rahu. Ketu and Saturn confer best results in this house. These wicked planets in this house become the planets of fate when they occupy 1st house in the annual chart (23, 36, 48, 57, 72, 84 etc.). Malefic planets, however, bring misery and destruction and even lead to accidents.

An exalted Mars in this house is like the honeybee, which fills the beehives with honey. In other words, his coffers will overflow with wealth. Ketu in house no. 11 in the annual chart bestows son, provided Moon and Jupiter are not in house no. 5. Further, if house no.3 is occupied by Sun, Moon, Mars (friend of Jupiter), and house no. 11 will give best results. House no. 3 aspects house no. 11 and if there are planets in both the houses, house no. 11 will be deemed to be awake. Ketu in this house destroys Moon and Jupiter destroys Rahu and vice-versa.

It may be noted that only wicked planets, if exalted, confer best results in this house. However, if a planet of house no. 11 occupies house no. 8 or house no. 11 in the annual chart, results are not to the liking of the individual. In order to ward off the evil effects, one should not buy material pertaining to that planets. If on has to purchase the material;, one should simultaneously purchase a toy or sports material. It will help. Suppose, a man with Saturn in house no. 11 purchases machinery shoes and leather goods that year (20, 34, 45, 53, 67, 79 etc.) he must buy toys or sports material also.

The appended table highlights the effects of planets in this house:

Results of planets in House no. 11:



12th House

Presiding Lord (Jupiter and Rahu): This house refers to expenditure, financial losses, and final hour of death, conjugal happiness, and pleasures of bed, happiness from spouse, bad names, dreams, imprisonment, mental agony, poetic justice, left eye, shoulder, and left part of sexual organs.

Rahu in this house is malefic, and Ketu is exalted. It is the house that listens to all appeals and arbitrates on all appeals, but final appeal lies with house no. 2.

Summary of Lord of Houses and their Nature and Significance


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