How to Interpret a Birth Chart?

How to Interpret a Birth Chart?

Practice makes a man perfect and so is the case with horoscope analysis. Examples can help you to find out the actual manner in which predictions are done so let us take a few examples.

Example 1

Here is the horoscope of an individual who was born in an ordinary family in a village in a North Indian state and rose to an eminent position in his own profession date of birth 27 April 1939 Gender Male


Change it into the following birth chart; according to Lal Kitab, considering the Lagna as in 1st house and completely the Raashis.


Now study

house no. 2 for Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn;

house no. 3 for Sun and Ketu;

house no.7 for Moon;

house no. 9 for Rahu

house no. 11 for Mars.

Also study the Raashi effect; for example, Moon gives Raashi effect; study

house no. 5 & 7 both for Moon;

similarly, Rahu may be studied both for house no. 7 & 9.

In fact, planets become exalted/debilitated according to Raashi and house as explained elsewhere.

Annual results may be predicted from the annual chart.

Example no. 2:

Here is the horoscope: (Date of Birth 20 Dec 1941 Gender Male)


Convert it into the following giving house no. 1 to Lagna or Ascendant.


The above horoscope is the ‘yoga of Eminence’ (Rajayog). The native occupies the most important office in his profession. Study the effect on all planets in house no. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10.

Here Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars are benefic, but Saturn is the most debilitated; it strikes back at house no. 2 even Jupiter is weak, being in enemy’s house and Raashi;

Saturn aspect Venus; hence, rich. Jupiter makes him restless for brothers whom he helps, but without any return; rather, he is opposed by some of them.

Ketu in 4th house makes him honest and noble.

Study the horoscope in all its aspects. It will be noticed that Rahu Destroys Mars (see permanent house no.5). Annual results may be accordingly predicted from the planets occupying houses in the annual chart for that particular year.

How to interpret this birth-chart: (Example No. 1):

  1. 1st house or Lagna is occupied by Aquarius (11th sign) and is vacant.
  2. 2nd house is occupied by Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury in Pisces i.e. 12th sign. Jupiter is the Lord of both the 2nd house and Pisces. Hence, Jupiter is very exalted, but it loses its glitter and brightness, as house no. 8 is vacant. (See permanent house no. 2).
  3. Further, Saturn and Venus in Jupiter’s sign and Jupiter’s house are also exalted. (See house no.2). Mercury in Pisces is the most malefic as it is Jupiter’s worst enemy. Here it occupies Jupiter’s house and Jupiter’s sing (12th sign); hence very bad results.
  4. But, when Jupiter and Saturn are together in any house, Mercury’s bad effect is mitigated to some extent (see Mercury house no.12-Raashi result).
  5. Sun – Ketu in 3rd house in Aries: Mars is the Lord of 3rd house and also the Lord of Aries (1st Raashi), hence, Sun being in a friend’s house, friend’s sign is exalted but it is to be dimmed by Ketu.
  6. Hence, its effect somewhat lessened; but, it is revived because it is aspected by Mars from 11st house (see Sun house no. 3 and also house no. 1 Raashi result).
  7. Ketu is debilitating and bad as it occupies its enemy’s house and sign (Mars) (see Ketu house no. 3).
  8. Moon (in Leo/5th sign) in house no. 7 is also benefic as it is in a friend’s Raashi and house. Remember, Venus does not oppose Moon. It is the Moon who is the enemy of Venus (see Moon in 7th house – sign result).
  9. Rahu in house no. 9 (in Libra/7th sign) is the most malefic as it occupies an enemy’s Raashi and house (see Rahu in house no. 9 and 7 – Raashi result).
  10. Mars in house no. 11 and in Sagittarius (9th sign) is the most exalted as it occupies an intimate friend’s house and Raashi (Jupiter’s) (see house no. 11).
  11. Saturn aspects it i.e. its own house and Mars aspects Saturn. Hence, it is a case of two enemies becoming friends and shaking hands to become rich.
  12. It may also be noted that Mars is also aspected by Sun and ketu both (50% aspect), one friend i.e. Sun and the other enemy i.e. Ketu; hence a little late rise.
  13. Further, Sun and Ketu in 3rd house are also aspected by Mars, but it is a friendly aspect, hence good results for the 3rd house.
  14. Mars in 11th house confers exalted status viz. head of an organization, chief executive, and head of army or police force.

Relationship between houses, planets and Raashis/signs: we are often asked the question as to what is the relationship between the houses, planets and signs. A good correlation in the real world is that it can be compared to that of a landlord and a tenant.

Let us study the horoscope (example no. 1) from this perspective.

  1.  Jupiter is the Lord of the 2nd house Pisces (12th house), hence, in this case, Jupiter is occupying his own house in all his glory and power, hence the most exalted.
  2. Jupiter is the Lord of 11th house and Sagittarius (9th sign). Mars is occupying a friend’s house in a friendly sign, hence exalted.
  3. Rahu is occupying Jupiter’s house (no. 9) in an enemy’s Raashi (7th), hence, here a rogue us the tenant torturing and troubling the landlord and the other occupant, hence most malefic.

Similarly, Mercury is occupying the enemy’s house/enemy’s sign, hence worst results. The conclusion to be drawn is as under:

(a)       If a person is living in own house, his life is usually calm, peaceful and happy. This signifies a planet which is occupying its own house and raashi.

(b)        Similarly if a very close associate or friend of a person is occupying his/her house then also the relationship is pretty cool. In context of the example this can be seen in terms of Venus in Capricorn in house no. 10.

(c)        If the tenant of any landlord is a bad person, there there is always possibility of conflict and life becomes tough or in terms of horoscope it means a wicked enemy’s sign occupying a weak enemy’s house e.g. Saturn in Aries in house no. 1 .or Rahu in Sagittarius in house no. 9.

(d)        On the other hand if the tenant is good but the landlord is wicked, then life is hell for the tenant. Jupiter in house in house no. 10 and 10th sign Capricorn is landlord i.e. Saturn is destroying Jupiter.

(e)        A weak planet in its own house in enemy’s sign also suffers and destroys its own house like in the example Saturn in Aries in house no. 1

Another Explanation: Sun in house no. 9 is, of course, exalted but, if it is aspected by Rahu from house no. 3, it is eclipsed and destroyed.

Notwithstanding friendly or adverse planetary aspects, the following points may also be remembered for exalted or good and debilitating or weak planets:

Information regarding vacant houses:  When the houses are vacant, they are deemed to be occupied by their respective signs (Raashis). In the case of house no.6, both Mercury and Ketu are the Lords and in the case of house no. 12. Both Jupiter and Rahu are the presiding lords. Hence, in both these case, following points may be remembered:

(a)        If Mercury occupies its other sign (Raashi) i.e. house no. 3 (Gemini), Ketu will be the lord of vacant house no. 6

(b)        If Jupiter occupies its other sign (Raashi) i.e. house no. 9 (Sagittarius), Rahu will be the lord of vacant house no. 12.

Further, if Mercury does not occupy sign no. 3 or 6, both Mercury and Ketu will be considered point lords of vacant house no. 6, but, it may be noted that where Mercury is strong and exalted, Ketu will be weak and debilitated.

In such a case, the lord of house no. 6 will either be Mercury or Ketu – the planet which is strong and benefic in the birth chart will be its lords – as house no. 6 if vacant is regarded good-intentioned in the horoscope, the weak cannot be its lord.

Similarly, when Jupiter does not occupy sign no.9 or 12, both Rahu and Jupiter will be considered vacant houses no. 12. We, therefore, come to the conclusion that Jupiter will be the lord of vacant house no. 9 and Mercury that of vacant House no. 6.

In all other vacant houses, the lords of their Raashi (sign) will be considered as their lords.        

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