Interesting Facts About Rudraksha

Interesting Facts About Rudraksha

In this article we continue to discuss about the magic of Rudraksha. In the previous articles we have already discussed many things about the Rudraksha. In this we will continue to bring to the notice of our readers some interesting facts about the Rudraksha that not many know.

Gemstone or Fruit

Rudraksha is a bead; it is the dry seed of a plant. Since ancient times it has been used for various astrological problems that different people face. It can help to fight with a lot of issues that is created in the horoscope due to the wrong position of the planets. There are many experts who will recommend the appropriate Rudraksha to a person. There are many types of Rudrakshas and each has a benefit of its own. You must know which type of Rudraksha is best suited for you before you start to use it.

  1. The Rudraksha is the tear of Lord Shiva – Lord Shiva was into meditation. Once he was meditating for many years with his eyes closed. After the meditation when he opened his eyes some tears fell. These tears later turned into Rudraksha trees. Those who are followers of Lord Shiva say that Rudraksha has magical powers and it can take one person closer to the Lord. There is a connection between Lord Shiva and Rudraksha. These beads can immensely bless those who possess them.
  • The Rudraksha has a special ability it can help to check the prana of the food. If you want to see if the food you are having is good for you or not you can do so by using the Rudraksha. These Rudrakshas were mostly worn by the sadhus who spent a lot of years in the forests. They would often come across lakes and rivers that have contaminated water. With the help of the Rudraksha they could test if the water was fine for drinking or not. They would just hold the Rudraksha on top of the water, if it moved in clock wise direction it meant that the water was fit for drinking and if it moved in anti-clock wise direction it was considered not suitable for drinking.
  • There are totally 21 types of Rudrakshas and there is one Rudraksha that is formed by the combination of two Rudrakshas. Each of the Rudraksha has a special mantra that has to be chanted before anyone wears the Rudraksha. This mantra is called the beej mantra. One must know the beej mantra well before they wear the Rudraksha.
  • The Rudraksha with one mukh is considered to be the one that is mostly associated with Lord Shiva. The five faced Rudraksha can be worn by anyone and everyone. The panch mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be the safest.
  • The beads of Rudraksha must be held together with a cotton thread. It is advisable not to use metals like gold and silver as they can crack the Rudraksha. Traditionally only cotton threads were used to make the mala of Rudraksha. A mala of Rudraksha will always have 108 beads and one extra bead. The one extra bead or the bindu is the most important bead. It ensures that the energy levels of the mala are balanced. If the energy level is not balanced some people who are sensitive or new to Rudraksha may even feel dizzy and faint.
  • It is recommended that when you wear a mala made of Rudraksha you should not wear a mala with 84 beads. The number of beads should always be more than 84 and plus one which is the bindu.
  • The Rudraksha can be very useful in Japa Yoga. During a japa if you have a mala with 108 beads you do not have to keep thinking about the number of times you said the mantra. You can completely concentrate on the divine forces and powers.
  • In the olden days the sadhus were constantly moving from one place to another. They were not allowed to be at one place for very long. It was important for them that they do not put their head down at the same place twice. When they wore a Rudraksha mala it created an energy shield around them. This shield ensured that this constant change of place and environment would not affect their mental and physical health.
  • There is energy all around us. We can always feel a flow of energy. Energy can be good as well as bad. When we wear a Rudraksha it helps to ensure that we stay protected from all negative energies. It also ensures that the energy that we have within us and around us is channelized in a proper direction. We can make the most of the energy that is within us. When we can make the most of the energy around us there will be nothing that can stop us.
  • The Ayurveda does mention that Rudraksha can help to solve a lot of health issues that range from high blood pressure to stress. Today a lot of scientific research has been conducted on the Rudraksha and medical science also feels the same that Rudraksha can have a lot of positive impact on the health of people. It can calm the nervous system and help us fight with blood pressure related issues.

We are now going to mention a list of which Rudraksha is suitable for which zodiac sign. This is a very general analysis. One must consult a proper expert before taking a Rudraksha. This is mainly because apart from the zodiac sign there can be many other factors that also influence the type of Rudraksha one must wear.

  1. Aries – they must wear the teen mukhi Rudraksha
  2. Taurus – they must wear the 6 faced Rudraksha.
  3. Gemini – they must wear a char mukhi Rudraksha.
  4. Cancer – this is a sign that must wear the 2 faced Rudraksha.
  5. Leo – this sign can wear the 12 mukhi Rudraksha as they are ruled by sun.
  6. Virgo – this zodiac sign can again wear the four mukhi Rudraksha.
  7. Libra – this zodiac sign must wear the six faced Rudraksha.
  8. Scorpio – this is ruled by Mars and people with this zodiac sign must wear three faced Rudraksha.
  9. Sagittarius – the Rudraksha that is suitable for this sign in the panch mukhi Rudraksha.
  10. Capricorn – people coming under this zodiac sign must wear the seven mukhi Rudraksha.
  11. Aquarius – people with this zodiac sign must also wear the seven mukhi Rudraksha.
  12. Pisces – this zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter and the most suitable Rudraksha for this sign is paanch mukhi.
  13. If you are under the ill influence of Rahu you must wear the aath mukhi Rudraksha. If Ketu is creating problem in your horoscope try to wear the Rudraksha with nine faces.

Overall Rudraksha is a magical bead that can solve a lot of health issues and help us deal with the planets in the horoscope that is not positioned in a favourable way. It does have power but it cannot help those who just depend on it for success. Many celebrities have worn the Rudraksha all over the world. Amitabh Bachchan and Indira Gandhi are some who wore it regularly.

Today many jewellers also use Rudraksha for making contemporary and modern jewellery. Many celebrities also wear this jewellery that are very well designed and make a great fashion statement. Whenever there is a mention of India many people say that one of the things that come to their minds when they talk of India is Rudraksha. It has become a part of our tradition and culture.

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