Feng Shui Tools: The Quartz Heart

Feng Shui Tools: The Quartz Heart

Human needs love. We cannot thrive without love. There are many who suffer from relationship problems and they feel that they do not have enough of love and affection in life. In the last few posts we have been discussing about Feng Shui. In this article let us talk about a tool or an instrument that is very commonly used in Feng Shui to solve all love related problems.

The Quartz

As per Feng Shui quartz is a very powerful stone as it is formed naturally and it can solve many love related as well as relationship related issues. Quartz is usually found naturally but it can also be manufactured artificially or it can be man-made. It is difficult to differentiate between the two. However, as per Feng Shui the natural ones are much better. Quartz can heal the very sensitive chakra areas.

Try to buy the quartz heart from a healer who can also bless the heart and ensure that it gets you good results. The quartz heart as it is used to cleanse the chakra related issues may attract a lot of negative energy. It is advisable that you wash the quartz heart in sea salt and water. This will ensure that the heart has full energy and it can keep helping you. The healer will not only bless but will also program the stone in such a way that it will immediately start working towards the intended goal.

Some healers have a lot of power and they can actually program the quartz heart well. Always believe in the quartz heart with all that you have. It is like believing in God. When you show faith you can move mountains. In an absolutely hopeless situation where you feel no one is able to help try to have faith in God. At least ask God to show you the right way and to deal with it. When you do your daily puja ensure that you take an incense stick and show it to the quartz heart. This will help the divine forces to work better.

Once you get the quartz heart blessed by the healer, get it home and place it in the South West corner of the house. This corner is always associated with relationships and love. When you place a crystal in this position it can do wonders to your home, peace and relationships. If you have a south west corner in the bedroom then it is the best place to keep the quartz heart. It is important that you keep the quartz heart hidden. It should not be very visible. When hidden it can do wonders for the person and their relationship.

The healers will tell you that you must hold the quartz heart close to your heart and pray. Every day pray for a few minutes. Ask the divine forces to help you and improve your relationship with the person you love. Ask the divine forces to come and help. Feng Shui believes in the power of God. When you call God to come and solve your problems with pure heart. The divinity and the positive forces will be obliged to help you and solve your problems.

Why quartz heart? well quartz has many natural properties. As we have already mentioned. You must program the quartz heart. The quartz has a unique ability to remember what it has been told. It can be programmed to a specific thought.  If you tell it to create connect between two people it will start to do that. If you tell it to solve any particular problem in a relationship it will remember and ensure that the problem is solved. It is important to get the quartz heart blessed by a healer. They will be the best to program the quartz heart. The program or the energy that has been put into the crystal will remain no matter where you take it. The more you pray every day and ask the quartz heart to help you the better and faster you will see the results.

The quartz heart can purify. If there is any negative energy or vibe in the house or the surroundings the quartz heart can work really well on it and clean all the negative energies. If you keep jewellery near the quartz heart you will see that the jewellery is shining more. It has been tried and tested by many. People will tell you how much these can work in changing the mind of a person and the relationships. Quartz is considered to be very auspicious in Feng Shui. Apart from quartz heart normal quartz crystals are also commonly used in Feng Shui.

There is also a pink colour rose quartz that is used for love related issues. It can be also worn as pendants and earrings. It can attract love. Small pink hearts made with rose quartz can often be seen as people wear them as jewellery. Pink quartz hearts can also be placed in the house like the normal quartz heart we have already mentioned in this article. These are more capable of attracting love into the life of a person who does not have love.

Many people from across the world have used the Feng Shui quartz heart and they all feel it does work. It can heal a lot of heart and relationship related issues. Some say that it can actually do miracles. A couple who used to have a lot of fights after years of marriage started to use this crystal and slowly the fights reduced. A couple used to stay far from each other in a long distance relationship. After using the crystal the relationship improved they started to try to stay with each other and eventually succeeded. Cheating and adultery is common in marriages today and it can be quite heart breaking. Using the quartz heart many have got back the cheating partners and stopped them from cheating further. The results may vary and not necessary that you get the results as quickly as the others.

A blessed quartz heart that is programmed to solve love related issues can be of great help. It can really change the status of marriages and bring happiness. When you have a peaceful marriage and a happy life the other things just follow. Most of the really successful people will tell you that they owe their success primarily to the peaceful marriage. Getting in and out of marriages as well as relationships can only bring negative vibes. All marriages will have problems and they can be worked on. Giving up is easy but staying in a marriage and trying to make it work is tough. There will be a time in any marriage that will be really bad and when such a situation arises the best way is to seek some divine blessing. If God’s will is there no one can stop something from happening. When you get a blessed quartz heart, place it in the house and pray daily you can invoking the positive energy of the divinity and thus divine forces will help you to deal with the problems. We will continue to discuss about some more tools that are commonly used in Feng Shui in the future posts.

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