Will Power: Manjhi vs Shahjahan

Will Power: Manjhi vs Shahjahan

Mountain Man


The story of this great man certainly defies history and time

It is an eternal tale of courage and will, a perfect rhyme

This goes to show how the will power can literally move mountains

In extremely dry and arid lands, there can be the fountains

He did not have any authority, nor any manpower or any money

Even the very thought of cutting the mountain just seemed funny

But this simple illiterate man from a poor village did what was history

From where he got this energy and motivation is just a sweet mystery

For that is the power of will, when you decide you can do it for sure

Just need to have the determination, your motives should be pure

We salute the human for he exhibited the superhuman form

Did what was considered otherwise against the accepted norm

So whenever you face difficulty or challenges in life shake you a bit

Just remember such stories, will full force let your mind be hit

For it is the dormant mind which needs to be awakened for the goal

It will automatically achieve it all even your ultimate aim, the soul.

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