Happy Rakhi 2015

Happy Rakhi 2015

Happy Rakhi 2015

It is only our land where such pure and pious relations exist since long

Where brothers and sisters cherish each other and together sing a song

It is the power of the ancient texts which creates a thread so strong

Where the brother ensures that the sister is done no wrong

Mostly so called modern thinkers say that woman can protect on her own

And that this festival is a degradation of the feminine side, such seeds they have sown

Little do these stupid people realize the real purpose and aim behind this pious season

For the ancient rishees were oceans of knowledge, they did everything for a reason

Ladies had been respected in all forms since times immemorial in our land

It is just of late that these rights started to slip, some changes were made on the time sand


The term Raksha Bandhan does not at all speak out the weakness of a lady at all

Neither does it display any her inability to defend herself or any downfall

It is the highest and purest of emotion which has been tied with this ceremony of thread

It is a path which only such pure love and affected can follow and tread

It is only in the orient that such relations have a strong foundation since the ages

Because they realized it long back, and it was given by the holy and pious sages

So just cherish the day and make a resolve in your heart on this day

Never shall lust enter your mind, come whatever come what may

Then only will the Raksha Bandhan implemented for what is really stand

We should be proud of ourselves and our nation, for ideas such lofty and grand

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