Time: The Most Powerful of all forces

Time: The Most Powerful of all forces

Time is said to be the most powerful weapon in the world which has the power to destroy everything no matter how grand so we should always respect time. There are innumerable instances of people around us which are a living testimony to this fact. One such person is one of the most popular actors of Punjabi cinema Mr Satish Kaul who did hundreds of hit movies during his lifetime and earned name, fame, wealth, awards and what not.

Yet currently he is spending his time in an anonymous condition in Gian Sagar Hospital in Punjab. Here is an except from the interview given by him to a local news channel


Video Courtesy: ABP Punjabi Youtube Channel

A few lines dedicated to this great personality

Time is a great healer and it has the greatest power to make or break anyone

So listen to this advice, never waste time, remember this O’daughter O’son

Yet sometimes it is not the mistake of the person that she or he suffers so much

It is only some past karma which can be said to have manifested as such

However the fighting spirit should always remain in the person till the last

No matter what the circumstances, just be ready to fight and have a blast

Time will go up and down, do not worry too much about the massive change

Just make sure you do your best, what is within your reach and range

Some day the time will change again, just have the courage, faith and hope

Just fight out till your last breath, never depend on any alcohol or dope

For such is the power of the mind that once you commit yourself, you can achieve

It only depends on you, how you visualize your own self, how actually you perceive

See a chance of development and progress, see each obstacle as an opportunity to grow

Just make use of each and every pebble and stone which life at you does throw

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