Navratris: Time to Worship Divine in Feminine Form

Navratris: Time to Worship Divine in Feminine Form

Navratris is the time to worship the feminine form of the divine and Mother Nature

A look at the various forms of the shakti roopa gives and indication of Her stature

No one can mess around when Maa, the shakti permeates and evil trembles

The most innocent looking Mother Nature becomes so fierce no one resembles

The nine forms of Maa Shakti are worshiped on the nine days by keeping a fast

Yet it is amazing how you can survive and be energetic till the day’s moment last

Be it the Durga, Brahmcharni or the Maa Kaali, the destroyer so fierce and furious

A true bhakta is not afraid of any of Her avatars, but just remains blissful and curious

The Mother can manifest Herself in many forms be it the light in the form of Divine

Whatever be the circumstances She will care for you, and certainly make you shine

Believe and have faith, do not falter, for faith has the power to move mountains immense

There are no clouds which She cannot protect you from, no matter how dense

Return to me says the Mother Divine do not get indulged in worldly pleasures and pain

That is the main motivation which will keep you moving towards Me and just be sane

Editor’s Note: The image in the post is symbolic of the faith materialized in the form of light and is actually the internal vision which has been projected outside

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