The Animal Farm

The Animal Farm

Humans have to learn a lot from the innocent animals so mature

Even if they seem dangerous they are innocent, and very pure

It is only to defend themselves they rarely or seldom bite

Unlike humans who cut other throats just for a petty kite

When people are busy forgetting humanity day by day

Love is the universal language, that is ever going to stay

This is the inspiration which gives us the hope in this age

Just dont let this love disappear, so says the wise sage

In this animal farm of the world, perhaps the savagest is man

So try to be human not an brute, as far as possible, as you can

If you want to imbibe the qualities of an animal just choose wise

Be strong like an Elephant, graceful as Lion, just shun all vice

Be innocent as a Giraffe, yet stand tall without any fear

Be polite like a parrot, so that everyone just loves to hear

Be colourful like a Zebra, with stripes shining on the face

And for the humans, only be human if you have the saintly grace

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