Will Power & Desires: The Interconnection

Will Power & Desires: The Interconnection

We keep hearing about will and the power it wields over a person’s life. But do you really understand what “will” is and how the power of will or will power as it is more commonly known as, can be used for improving one’s life. Well let us find out about the same in this post. We will start with first learning about desire an its relation to will and proceed from there.

The Web of Desires

Human life is a conglomeration of limitless desires. Man is prone to diverse and many desires. He is ever busy trying to fulfil some o his desires. The desires which get fulfilled are also a source of great pleasure for him. And yet there are some desires which go the way of all flesh.

Will Power

Will Power

Often he longs to fulfil his desires and on good many occasions he longs to fulfil the desires of other persons. He derives a particular type of pleasure as he seeks to fulfil the desires in others. And yet there are such compulsive desires in his own life that he does everything to fulfil them when he is unable to achieve his desires, he is over-taken by a strange unrest.

Depth Inversely Proportional to Desires

Man is always tormented by a host of desires. The shallower we are, the greater the number of desires. If we want to have some control over desires we must have a ruthless control over our mind. This can save us from many troubles and obstacles. At times, to fulfil a petty desire we expend a sizable portion of life. When the desire is at last fulfilled we do not derive as much delight as we thought we would.

We should try to control all kinds of desires. We should organise all kinds of stray and multitudinous desires into a collectively and try to bring about sublimation of this entity. The better we organise our desires, the greater will be our spiritual, social and physical integrity.

Control Necessary for Balance

I have already argued that we feel tormented due to a plurality of desires. It is because of an innate shallowness that we harbour all kinds of desires. The pressure is such that often we lose our mental balance. It is essential that we got over the shallowness ingrained in us. Now we are slaves to desires. Perhaps, in that case, desires will be slaves to us. We shall be able to make use of them in any manner we choose to do.

Desires vs Will Power

There are several types of people. Some people have no strong will power, with the result that they are overtaken by desires and they become slaves to desires.  Desires in multitudes keep on haunting them. They are also lacking in self-confidence. As a result those do not succeed in fulfilling their desires.

Their life is reduced to one of imbalance and abject tormentation. On the contrary there are some people who have a strong will power. They are the people who can control the strongest desires. Such people suppress with an iron hand all such desires as are harmful and anti-social. They seek to fulfil only such desires as are significant socially. Through this medium they serve the society and join the celebrated.

Are you weak?

Those who are weak-willed are always controlled by voluptuous senses. They are left with no self-confidence. They are left with no self-confidence.  They keep on hankering after their desires. They live a slowly life. They do not have high aspirations. If at any time they do have such high aspiration, they brush them away, weak-willed as they are.

In order to achieve integrity and superiority man has to develop certain strength to control his desires. It is only by controlling desires that man has achieved what apparently was wholly impossible. He has been able to conquer the Himalayan summit; he has been able to cross the Sahara desert and the vast and frightening expense of the oceans. Looking at the impossible feats he has achieved, it is not difficult to know how he has been able to do so.

It was sheer will power which got him whatever he wanted-whether possible or impossible. To this end he bent all his energy, crushed all other desires and worked hard. He cared a fig for all kinds of dangers in his path. True he did encounter many obstacles. But he was certainly not overcome. He never accepted defeat. The moment any other desire came up, he suppressed it. He had one very clear-cut target and he advanced with a single-minded devotion to that end.

Recognize Your Capabilities

What is basically important is that we should have an objective recognition of our own capability. We should know what we are lacking in. What are the factors which have made our life so common and mundane and how we can bring our thoughts and mind under control.

It is essential that we are strong willed. Unless we develop a certain measure of volition we shall not be able to succeed in any job. Whenever we take up any job it is likely that we are confronted with certain difficulties and obstacles. If we are not strong-willed we are likely to give up the job.

So with a sense of determination we should plan out the job well in advance. When we start doing the hob we should be determined to complete the job, come what may. We should not develop any weakness or slackness until the job is accomplished. It is only by will power that we succeed in life.

Desires & Breath

Scientists have found out that our desires are closely related to our breath. Every breath gives rise to desire. The more we breathe in, the greater the number of desires. So if we do not breathe in as much, we shall not have so many desires in life. The most authentic and effective way to control our breathing is pranayama. It is by effective control over breathing that the sadhus and other accomplished meditators achieve a total control over their desires. Besides, they have a strong will-power which enables them to suppress contrary and mundane desires.

Healthy Body has Healthy Mind

In order to cultivate a strong will power it is essential that we are physically strong and healthy. We can achieve a strong health only when we are free from desires. Otherwise these lowly desires eat into the vitals of a strong and healthy constitution.

How does anxiety get germinated? It is due to our efforts to do what is socially and ethically reprehensible. Whenever we have done such a job we try to keep it a secret. A fear that it will be out reduces our body to an unsuspected hollowness.

Life should, therefore, be balanced. First we must not do anything which society does not approve. Suppose we have done a thing like this, we should not suppress it. To err is human, and so we must be more careful about committing mistakes in future.

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