Surgical Strike: The Spiritual Perspective

Surgical Strike: The Spiritual Perspective


When all the nation celebrates the surgical strikes, we try to see from the perspective another

Seeing from the patriotic sense, one has to retaliate when it is a question of country, The Mother

Violence may not be justified in most aspects of life, but in some areas Gita does permit to take a life

Yet it has to be understood, it must be not due to enmity but with a sense of not being the doer

It must take into consideration, the benefits that it will do to the poorest of the poor

When I say so, I am not against my soldiers or my land, for I am full of patriotic pride

Yet the greatest of all religions is humanity, rest all things can be just taken in its stride

So it is good to cheer this strike, yet it is also necessary to retain sanity and not get carried away

Just remember it might cause disruption to the lives of millions, so peace is best it must stay

However we cannot disrespect the valour and courage of the brave who risked their lives

Who did not care for what they had behind, whether it is aged parents, kids, spouse or wife

The only thing Krishna said was that we should try for peace till the last unless option no other

When the other side does not understand, they not behave like a universal being or brother

It is then that the last option remains to go in war, when both sides have loss immense

Once that stage is set, then there is no turning back, for then the stakes are not counted any more

But it is only to save the world from another war, otherwise there is enough ammunition is store

Having said all the above, let us strive for peace for after all we are just one human race

Why cannot we just give up misunderstandings and each other as brethren we embrace

The law of attraction says if we have true love, the vibrations will have effect for sure

For that we need to be made from another material, we have to be totally free and pure

Since we all have an element of tamsic and rajasic apart from the sattva, which is our soul

It will only be possible, when we go within, when we reach our very true goal

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