Trust the wait: Enjoy the Uncertainty

Trust the wait: Enjoy the Uncertainty

Sometimes the wait seems too long, whether it is material or spiritual side

Bad times dont seem to end, dont know when things will turn upside

That is time you should enjoy the wait, for times change, it will for sure

When the struggles you seem to be crushed under, will just seem obscure


Enjoy the uncertainty, for it means that nothing is fixed, anything can be

So dont count till infinity, just chill after saying one two three

When the uncertainty ends, a new dawn will begin, which will be sane

You will in a moment forget all you have suffered, your entire pain

Have faith in the cosmos, call it nature, God, Deities or luck

Time has not stood still, neither will you simply remain stuck

The day is not far when the heavens will smile, you will feel elated

Hard times will just disappear as a balloon bursts when over-inflated

Life is not about cribbing all the time, just live it full not like a fool

If you just realize this simple fact, you will be number one dude cool

Neither has anyone stayed for long, nor will anyone stay for ever

But when it comes to determination, just never say no, just no never


The shining light will come upon you, you will feel the presence of God

Whatever your religion might be, Allah, Waheguru, Ram or The Lord

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