Roads to Nowhere: Connecting for Sake of Life

Roads to Nowhere: Connecting for Sake of Life

As we walk down the highways and the roads across the country complaining of cracks and boulders

We do not even have the slightest idea, at some places how many people were carried on four shoulders

There are areas where the jungle is the only path, there is extreme risk even trying to construct a path

There are cities where people are denied of even simple road, trying one leads to such an aftermath

As we travel along the super fast highways, cribbing about even paying the minor toll tax that is due

Just imagine where people have to face bullets to trying a path, it raises so much cry and hue

Let us realize the vastness of our land, with so much poverty across such a huge and varied land

Let us thank for what we get, for their are areas where there isnt enough except dust, heat and sand

Brave are the people that live and survive amidst such conditions, still have the courage to rise

Even thinking of them should make us realize the importance of what we have, it should make us wise

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