Be deaf to negative thoughts

Be deaf to negative thoughts

When you have to reach the goal, just turn a deaf ear to negative thoughts

If only you keep constant focus, you will hit the bulls eye in the right slots

Only you and you are responsible for what happens if you succeed or not

You must always treat the path fearlessly, or unawares you will be caught

However just see that the goal towards which you are aiming is is right

Once you are convinced, you just need to move on with all your might

Do not stop, do not rest, for there is no time to sit down idly and waste

Yet you need to keep utmost patience, it does not mean to make haste

Use the words and stones that the world throws as a help and as a guide

They should help you to get above and rise, never to let you down slide

Once you are deaf to the negative thoughts only the positive ones remain

That is the time when you have nothing to lose, but only stand to win and gain

Image Courtesy: E-Buddhism Website

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