Money May Not Bring Happiness: A Different Perspective

Money May Not Bring Happiness: A Different Perspective

The very title of this post might make you turn away since you may not have expected such wordings from a portal that stands for spirituality. When most of the preachers around us tell to do away with wealth and even we know from our routine experiences that money does not necessarily bring happiness, so what is the logic of all this.

Well basically it is true that money does not bring happiness and one should not make money the sole aim, yet it cannot be denied that for a mortal soul, it is one of the most important ingredients for existence. The problem only starts when one starts comparing one’s own means and resources with others and in the process forgets the difference between good and bad and is ready to do anything (except hard work) like cheating and looting forgetting that law of karma stands supreme under all circumstances.


So basically its about keeping a balance between spirituality and worldly living for at least the time till you are seriously inclined on the metaphysical path, where the nature, universe or God (whatever you prefer to call) takes over and creates sufficient means for you to allow you to proceed on the path wholeheartedly. That is an advanced stage which we cannot comprehend from our low level perception. So till that time it is better to earn money through genuine means and try to achieve the best, for that habit and vibrations will help us out in our spiritual pursuits too. A person who is lazy in the material path cannot become magically transformed on the spiritual path so it is better to avoid this pitfall.

NB: In case you dont read the full thing and get a misconception about the whole idea, let me summarize it. We certainly know that even the biggest and richest people on this planet had their share of bad times and perhaps were more stressed and worked out that most of us. Hence this post is mainly trying to say that in order to keep your body, life and spirits in the highest state you need to try your best without bothering for results which is the same thing as defined in karma yoga and other disciplines and beliefs globally.

Here are a few lines dedicated to this thought….

We all know that money cannot buy happinessĀ so the wise say

Still we all strive to earn ever more, it might bring, may be, may

For those of us who are on the inner path, this may not much matter

But forĀ others it is vital, for without money their lives can shatter

That is why they say, if you have to cry, in a Lamborghini, you can cry

It just means that wherever you are, to reach higher you must try

Yet in this race, do not forget that the ultimate aim is some other

That is to find your inner self, o my sister, o my brother

Be a karamyogi who does everything with the happiness and joy

Then the entire things will be at your command, just like a toy

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