Bhagvad Gita For Modern Day Managers

Bhagvad Gita For Modern Day Managers

The Bhagvad Gita is considered to be the most holy books of the Hindus. It contains a lot of facts and details that are universal in nature. It is basically a list of what was told by lord Krishna to his friend Arjuna during the battle of Kurukshetra. The book has been translated into many languages and is considered to be very powerful in nature. We will in this article discuss how the Bhagvad Gita can help the modern day managers and its use in executive leadership development programs.

Executive Leadership Development Programs and Training

There is too much of competition everywhere around us especially in the corporate sector, hence the importance of leadership development training cannot be over estimated. A manager has to have great leadership skills that can motivate his team and ensure that they do the impossible as Lord Krishna did in Kurukshetra.

Bhagwad Gita & Management

Bhagwad Gita & Management

The Gita tells how one can attain peace even if there is turmoil around. It teaches to attain inner peace. It is considered as the “universal manual for peaceful living”. Some experts say that if the Gita is understood and read by all around the world then the violence that we see in this world will reduce to a great extent. It can be a great guide to universal peace and brotherhood.

In the Gita Lord Krishna inspires Arjuna to take arms against his friends and family. He tells Arjuna to fight against those who loved him and taught him as a child. The turmoil that is going on in the minds of Arjuna on to take up or not to take up arms against his family is explained well and can be compared easily to the position of the modern day managers who have to find ways to train his team on how to deal with the challenges that they face every day.

Some people who have read the Gita will tell you that they do not understand how they can implement the teachings of the Gita into their lives. The Gita may seem a spiritual piece of writing and many people like modern day executives may not perceive it as having something for them but it is actually not. It is more of a practical writing that we all can use to gain peace of mind and fight the odds in our life better. The most popular notion is what a book so old can teach about management. Most of the Gita books gather dust and are not read by the youths. The older people tend to read the Gita that too very few opt for it. What is the point of reading the Gita when you are done with living major part of your life? You must read it at the right time and the right time would be teenage and youth when the mind of a person is most restless. This is the time when we need to make the most of the opportunity in our work life and we also start a family. Reading the Gita at this time can help in better decision making and also reduce the restlessness of the mind to a great extent.

Importance of Bhagwad Gita

Some business leaders will tell you how they were benefited by reading the Gita. They will tell you that Gita has taught them a lot about managing situations other than the best books on management. The Gita reading must be a part of our daily routine. Perhaps at the first time you will get a little idea as you go on reading the Gita again and again it will start to assume new meanings and will be able to guide you better on the path of growth as a true modern manager. There is some article and books that have been written on the topic of “Bhagvad Gita for Modern Day Managers” you can even read these to get a better idea of the concept.

The Three Gunas

There are three gunas of man and they are

  • rajas (this keeps the things going)
  • tamas (this concludes the life cycle)
  • sattwa (that creates life)

We must try to go beyond these gunas and seek god who is invisible and yet he is present in all that we see and feel around us. When we search for the ultimate truth of life that is god we will be truly blessed and we will be able to progress better on the path of success. This will fill us with peace and improve our concentration. This can also mean that we must keep our goal clear and no matter what we must do all that we can to get the goals that we have set for us.

The Gita helps people to understand the value of family and how family ties can be improved. If you do not have a happy and peaceful family life there is no way that you can become successful in your career as your family problems will always disturb you. The Gita teaches that one should make a meaningful career. Meaningful career means that it makes you complete and stronger. You must take a profession that makes you happy and will help you to bring the best in you.

The Bhagvad Gita teaches the managers to find the meaning of their lives. Unless the managers are happy in the job that they are doing they cannot make the others in his team happy. If the manager is not inspired he cannot inspire others. The Gita teaches some very deep lessons in life and management that can really inspire the modern day managers who live a much stressed life. Reading the Gita regularly has helped many managers to feel less stressed and they are able to manage the team better than before.

Tips For Leadership Development Training

We will now discuss some more points on Bhagvad Gita for modern day managers. There are many questions that Arjuna asks and Lord Krishna answers them all. We will list a few of them and you can make out for yourself how these answers can help the modern managers.

  1. Arjuna asks why people do good and bad things to us in both personal and professional lives. Lord Krishna answers that good and bad are omnipresent in the world. We cannot control them from happening we only need to prepare ourselves so that we can handle them. If you look at it deeply you will realise that it addresses the problem of stress management which is so high in the workplace today.
  2. Arjuna asks what we should do when we feel tired and we just cannot take it anymore both on physical and emotional level. The lord answers that we must enjoy the work that we are doing. When there is joy in all that we do the tiredness will die automatically.

There are many more such question and answers that are there in the texts of the Bhagvad Gita and can be very effective for modern day managers. We hope that this article on Bhagvad Gita for Modern Day Managers will help you to understand the significance of the Bhagvad Gita better and also understand how it is going to help you to live a better and a more spiritual life. The points that we have made are simple and they can be followed easily by all.

The Gita is thousands of years old but its magic is so powerful that it can even be used in today’s world. We have mentioned time and again that the readers must read the Gita at least once in their lifetime. It can really change the way you look at the world around you. The Bhagvad Gita can be really useful for the managers. Reading it can definitely help you improve your personal and soft skills.

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