Shani (Saturn) Dosha Nivarana

Shani (Saturn) Dosha Nivarana

Shani or Saturn is one of the most powerful planets in astrology. Saturn or Shani is the God of justice. His job is to punish people for the wrong doings. This is exactly why as per the Vedas Shani is the God people are most scared of. If the Shani is not placed well in the horoscope it will mean that the person will have to struggle a lot in life to achieve even a little success.

The Full Circle

Shani takes about 30 years to make a round of the sun. If the planet Shani is not placed well in the horoscope then it may mean that you will not get success easily in anything. This condition is also called the Shani dosha. As per astrology when there is a dosha in the horoscope there are also remedies suggested to ensure that people do not have to face any problems in life.

Shani Dosh Nirvana

To solve the problems that Shani can create in your life the nivarana of the Shani dosha is recommended. If a person is born with Shani’s dosha in his or her horoscope then life will be tough for them. As we said Shani is the lord of justice.

He will ensure that he makes you pay for all the injustice that you have done in the past. All types of suffering that can be associated with karma are invariably associated with Shani for example health issues, old age, not getting success even after genuine hard work and the list just goes on.

Sadhe Saati (7 1/2 Years cycle)

There is also another condition that is associated with the Shani god and it is called the Sade Sati. In this condition Shani places itself in the horoscope of the person in such a way that the effects of Shani stays in the horoscope for about seven and a half years.

This is a long time and during this time the person might have to suffer a number of misfortunes and failure. The Sade Sati can occur in anyone’s horoscope at any time. The Hindu horoscope has many houses and each house is dedicated to one zodiac.

If the planet Shani places itself in the houses such as the house number one, four, seven, eight or twelve. These houses are of different zodiac signs. House number one is of Aries. The house number four is of cancer. The house number seven belongs to Leo. The zodiac sign Scorpio is associated with the house number eight. The house number twelve is of Libra.

When Shani is placed in these houses the influence of Shani becomes stronger than the other planets in the house. In such cases the condition is called Sade Sati and it can be a very dangerous position for many people. It is important that you understand if you are suffering from the dosha of Shani or you are suffering from Sade Sati.

First we will give the remedies that you can follow in case you have Shani’s dasha in your horoscope. These remedies are meant to keep Shani happy and to ensure that he keeps blessing you.

  1. The day of Shani is Saturday so in the evening of Saturday you must chant the mantra to impress the lord. If you want you can also chant it every day for better results.

Nilanjana Sama Bhasam Raviputram Yama Grajam.

Chhayya Martanda Sambhootam Tam Namami Shanaishcharam.

It is better if you recite this for 108 times. You must also change the attitude you have towards Shani. Take him as a teacher who has come into your life to teach you something. He is a strict teacher and can punish you hard but his intention is to teach you and not harm you in such a way that you can never recover from it.

He just wants you to become more humble and appreciate the important things in life. Do not be scared of Shani instead try to accept him and respect him. Only then you will be able to worship him with a true heart and you will get the results that you are looking for.

  1. Goddess Katyayani is the planet of justice. She is the ruling goddess of Shani. If you worship her then that will please the Lord Shani and he will be a little less strict with you.
  1. Shani Chalisa is another thing you can read on a regular basis to please the lord. It has 40 verses that praise the lord and all the great qualities that he has. Reading this will ensure that you start developing patience and humility that will help you to deal with the tough times that you may face during the time Shani is ruling your horoscope.
  1. Hanuman Chalisa is another good remedy for those who suffer from the Shani dosha. Hanuman is the ruling Lord of Shani. Hanuman can give mental and physical strength to the ones who recite the chalisa on daily basis. This will ensure that the person gets enough strength to deal with the hardships that he or she may have to face during the phase of Sade sati or Shani dosha. You can recite it only on Saturdays or on a daily basis too.
  1. Blue sapphire is the stone that is recommended for all those who suffer from the ill effects of Shani. Blue sapphire will ensure that you develop patience to deal with all the hardships that Shani is throwing at you. It will also ensure that you become mentally and physically more balanced to accept all the problems in your life. Blue Sapphire is a very strong stone and we would suggest that you take up this remedy only after you consult a good astrologer. If this stone is worn by a person whom it does not suit at all it can even destroy the person.
  1. Shani yantras are again very powerful yantras that can be used by those who are suffering from the various effects of Shani. These yantras must be taken from the professionals. These may cost a little but the advantages of having these yantras are many. Some of the advantages are they give mental and emotional strengths. They increase our faith in the divine. They ensure that we get success in all the affairs that we undertake. All in all they can give a good relief to the people who suffer from Shani dosha or from Sade sati.
  1. The last remedy will be that you visit Shani Shingnapur. It is a famous village located in Maharashtra. There is a temple here that is dedicated to the Lord Shani. It is said that no one here dares to commit a crime. No crime even a petty theft has not taken place here in the last 1000 years. That is exactly why there are no locks in any of the doors in this village.

Shingnapur Temple

The temple is also unique. It is considered to be very old. There are no images of the Lord Shani that are worshipped here. Instead there is a stone pillar that is considered to be the idol of the Lord himself and it is worshipped by the devotees.

Only male devotees are allowed to worship the idol the women can see the idol from a distance. Women are not allowed to do puja here because people who have been possessed are brought here and cured. It is a belief that as women gives birth to off springs to ensure that the child is protected from all the evil powers they should stay away from the idol.

The ritual to worship the lord here is to take a dip in holy water then wear a dhoti so that the legs are to visible to the lord. You must go round the stone pillar for a couple of times and once you are done with the rounds you are supposed to pour til oil on the pillar to please the lord. Performing puja here on Shani amavasya can really help you to deal with all the problems that you are facing because of Shani dev. Doing puja here will also please the lord to a great extent. Even if you are not suffering from Shani dosha you can visit this temple and pray to the lord for his blessings.

Shani is a planet that can actually damage you in more than one ways. The remedies that we have suggested for the Shani dasha nivarana are indeed a must try for those who are suffering from the ill effects of the planet Shani. You can either try one or two of these remedies at the same time. Do not try to follow all the remedies at one go.

There are many remedies and each one must be tried only after consultation with an expert. It is quite possible that a certain remedy works well for one person and not for the other so please ensure that you get a proper consultation before you do the Shani dasha nivarana and get rid of all the ill effects that this planet is imposing on your horoscope.

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