Live or Die: Do it with Dignity

Live or Die: Do it with Dignity

It is often we come across situations in life which seem like an insult

We should not forego either honour or rebuke, just accept the result

Each incident has a lesson to teach, each opportunity has a chance

Only if can learn to look through, only if we know how to glance

Yet one thing should be kept in mind, it is good to always learn

But it is no good to live on your knees, for sky you must always yearn

Keep you goals high, your ideals lofty, let circumstances hit you hard

They should not be able to shake you, that is the only measuring yard

If you can remain calm among tribulations, you are a winner for sure

That can only happen if your mind is free of false ego and so pure

You should be able to absorb all shocks, show the resilience extreme

No matter how turbulent outside, remain unperturbed and serene

In the end you will find that it was all a game of shadow and light

Once you realize this truth, you are on the eternal heavenly flight

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