Precautions to be taken by pregnant women during lunar eclipse

Precautions to be taken by pregnant women during lunar eclipse

Today is 27th July 2018; it is a day of lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse is a natural phenomenon that has been fascinating man for ages. During lunar eclipse the Sun comes between Earth and the moon as a result the Moon is hidden. It seems like a black cover has come over the Moon. In the ancient times lunar eclipse meant complete darkness as Moon was the only source of light in the night. Many stories and many myths surrounded the concept of lunar eclipse. Some said that a demon comes and engulfs the moon. Some said it was a dragon that eats the moon. Every culture and every nation has a different story about lunar eclipse.

Effects on Pregnant Women

One common concept about the lunar eclipse that prevailed in any cultures is that it is very harmful especially for the pregnant women. If the pregnant woman is not careful the child can be affected and born with deformities that will not leave him or her in this lifetime. Although the scientists do not believe that it is possible. We do not know exactly how this theory started that if a pregnant woman happens to be exposed to the lunar eclipse the child will be born with deformity.

What makes it even more interesting and spooky is that the exactly same belief is there in most of the countries and cultures of the world. It is possible that lunar eclipse was something people did not understand in the ancient days and as a result they made all these concepts and stories that are still believed. During the lunar eclipse everything becomes dark in the ancient times it must mean utter darkness. Darkness also meant attack from wild animals. Man has always been scared of the dark and the unknown as a result maybe it was decided that pregnant woman must be kept indoors during the lunar eclipse for the safety of the child and the mother.

The Fear

However, the fear has been very deep rooted and families ensure that they take good care of the pregnant ladies during the lunar eclipse. Even astrologers say that babies born during lunar eclipse might have sun and moon on the opposite sides of the natal chart that pushes these kids to always have a conflict within that they have to deal with all their life. This can also happen to a child who is not born on lunar eclipse.


All the women who are expecting a child must stay inside the house during the lunar eclipse. If they happen to see the eclipse it can have a very bad effect on the unborn child. If the woman is exposed to the moon that is undergoing lunar eclipse the child inside her womb will suffer. As per the age old beliefs a pregnant woman must take the following precautions during the lunar eclipse:

  1. The woman must ensure that she takes a shower once the eclipse is over and the moon starts to shine again.
  2. During the lunar eclipse the pregnant woman must never use anything sharp like a scissor or a knife.
  3. During the duration of the lunar eclipse the pregnant woman should not drink water.
  4. The pregnant woman must never be exposed the rays of the moon during the eclipse. The rays should not be allowed to enter the house where the pregnant woman is. Thus the doors and the windows must be closed so that there is no way the pregnant woman is exposed to these rays. The windows must be covered with a curtain or a newspaper to ensure that these harmful rays do not enter the room where the pregnant woman is.
  5. There should be no cooking done during the lunar eclipse, the pregnant woman should eat freshly cooked food once the eclipse is over and not have anything that was already cooked before the eclipse to be on the safer side.
  6. The pregnant woman must be allowed to rest during the lunar eclipse. It is also a good idea to sleep off. If the woman is sleeping then it is easier to follow the rules that we have mentioned.
  7. No food in any form should be given to the pregnant woman lady during the eclipse. If there is any food in the house that was prepared before the eclipse it must be thrown away so that there is no chance the pregnant woman can eat it by mistake.
  8. A pregnant woman should not touch her belly during the lunar eclipse, if she does that the child will be born with a horrible birth mark. It can be anywhere in the body.
  9. Many parents try to ensure that children are not born on the day of the lunar eclipse or during the lunar eclipse. This is a norm that is followed across the world. Many doctors say that these requests of not delivering babies during the lunar eclipse can sometime become dangerous. Especially the doctor has no choice but to deliver the child either day before or after the lunar eclipse. Sometimes it can cause complications both for the mother and the child.

These are some of the things that the pregnant women are supposed to do during the lunar eclipse. Women have been following these for ages. We know that there are no scientific basis for these believes. However, if there are some rules that were made ages back and across different cultures there must be some significance. We can only say that for a pregnant woman during the lunar eclipse it is always safer to follow these rules. It is not only the lunar eclipse even the solar eclipse has always been considered to be bad for the pregnant women.

The best part is that it is easier to protect oneself form the lunar eclipse as compared to the solar eclipse. We know that the beliefs say that no food and water during the lunar eclipse for the pregnant woman. However, it is important that you keep yourself hydrated that is critical especially during pregnancy and another point is that you must not go without food for very long during pregnancy that can cause acidity. Try to eat something before the lunar eclipse starts if you are planning to follow the rules.

If a pregnant woman goes without food or water for a long time it can cause headache, acidity, fatigue and even fainting. This is not a good indication and the doctor must be called immediately to attend to the pregnant woman.

Tonight we are not only going to witness a lunar eclipse we are also going to witness a blood red moon. This is a natural phenomenon that appears only once in thirty six years. It is an incredible miracle of nature. We hope that this article will help the pregnant women to get a better idea of how they can take care of themselves and the unborn child during the lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipse is late in the night so it is easier to protect yourself from it. Ensure that you stay inside so that it gives a peace of mind not only to you but also to the family members who still believe that lunar eclipse might be harmful for the child.

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