How to Prepare For The Karwa Chauth Festival

How to Prepare For The Karwa Chauth Festival

It is a tradition which has been followed in our land since the ages

There are several reason behind it, so sages the holy texts and sages

Nowhere in the world, there is such a tradition meant to be so pure

Even though modernity has polluted us, but not all thats for sure

The customs have been made for a reason, was to increase family ties

It was to ensure longevity, as the years go by, for the time just flies

If you want to keep a fast, keep it with all your faith and mind

For it is a unique tradition in the world, only one and one of its kind

Let the so called modern people think whatever they want to think

Just trust in the Almighty, let not doubt raise its head for a blink

When you keep the fast the inner spiritual powers get more awake

If you just dont believe, it is you who lose, know what is at stake

The mehandi on this occasion is just a mark of the inside beauty

To develop that inner self daily without fail is also one of your duty

The lunar rays are meant to calm and soothe your mind of any vibes

For those who invented this were genius, not just some jungle tribes

Let us spread this message in the world where peace is the ultimate need

You just keep spreading the message, let anyone listen or pay no heed

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