Happy Gurupurnima (19 July) 2016

Happy Gurupurnima (19 July) 2016

Happy Gurupurnima 2016

Metaphysics Knowledge wishes a very Happy Guru Purnima 2016 too all our readers. The necessity and importance of a Guru in the spiritual life cannot be over emphasized. Even though some of the fake Gurus have brought disgrace to the pious name, still the mahima of a true Guru remains the same.

A guru is the true epitome of love, without a Guru the journey is nearly impossible to make

You should choose the Guru wisely, for a true guide is necessary, when so much is at stake

Even we are living in Kaliyuga, there is always the possibility to meet a realized soul

Who can guide us through all odds, who can help us reach our long forgotten Divine goal

So let us find out what is the true essence of life, let us reach our own selves which is inside

When you reach that divinity within, there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to hide

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