KC Paul: Genius or Stubborn?

KC Paul: Genius or Stubborn?


We all know as kids that the Earth revolves around the Sun and so do all the planets. Of course we dont care a damn to find out whether this is true or not, for we trust the scientists with all their knowledge, equipment and research that we are being told the truth. However there are people with opposite views as well who believe that it is actually the other way round.

The Paradox

It is a strange paradox that in the earlier days when it was believed that Earth is at the center of the universe, anyone who suggested to the contrary was executed. Now it is the other way round. Well we do not mean to say that the current modern science is giving wrong info, but we only want to stress that if a person is so passionate about proving the opposite, the scientific community should get together to acknowledge his passion and make him understand through proper methods.

KC Paul

The man in the picture above is Mr Kartik Chandra Paul who is in his seventies and is so obsessed about his research that he sold everything he had for his purpose and now lives on a footpath in Kolkatta. The man retired from government service mere survives on INR 500/- per month which is equivalent to USD 8/- approx at current conversion rates.

The Logic

We are not siding this individual from the scientific perspective for there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but when one has such determination, it should be put to the right direction and when one is trying to prove something so passionately, at least we as humans and society can ensure that such a person does not live the life of a total destitute.

There are hundreds and thousands of criminals who lead a better life even when imprisoned and what wrong has this man done. Freedom is the birthright of everyone and one can and should be able to challenge science without fearing any repercussions, else what is the difference between the medieval times and current modern age.

At least the minimum we can do is to gather some funds for the guy help him live a decent life.

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