Happy Friendship Day

The first Sunday in the month of August is celebrated as friendship day. A day that is dedicated to friends and friendship. Unlike other relationships friendship is one that we get to choose and we do not get it by birth. We make our friends and friends to a great extent make us what we are. Human is a social being and they tend to get influenced. We get influenced by our friends. Friends do not only tell us what is wrong and what is right they also tell us what is possible and what we can be. They tell us how we can improve our lives and are better people. It is always important to make good friends and you are lucky if you made some friends for a lifetime. People you grow up with, you share memories and pains with are the ones who can sometime even become more important than a family.

The Best Relationship

Today we dedicate this article to the most magical and inspiring relationship of all that is called friendship. We dedicate it to all those who have been into amazing friendships. No matter how old we are we need a friend. We all remember the first friend we ever made. As we grow we make many friends but there is always one special friend who we can always fall back upon. This friend will be there for you even when everyone has walked away. A person who can tell you on your face that you are wrong, it the friend we all need. The friends we make tell a lot about who we really are.

Friendship is an age old relationship between two strangers, it is unconditional and true friends never judge each other. Let’s first try to understand why and how we decided to celebrate friendship day. It was in 1935 that the first friendship day was celebrated in US. We do not know for sure why this day was celebrated. However, we assume that those were the times of the First World War; there was a lot of hostility all around. No one would trust anyone. Maybe that was why US decided to choose a day that will celebrate friendship and remind everyone of this special bond. Friendship day was first celebrated in US and then it started to gain popularity among the other countries of the world. It was a day that basically wanted people to start believe in humanity again.

Winne the Pooh

In 1997 Winnie the Pooh was introduced as the ambassador for friendship. Today friendship day is highly commercialized.  Lots of stuff is available in the markets that one can give their friends and celebrate this special bond. They can give gifts and friendship bands. People also go on dinner, parties and even on trips with their friends to celebrate this day. People of all age celebrate the friendship day. Everyone would post on the social media messages about their friends and how important the friends are. It is considered as a special occasion to thank these amazing people in our lives whom we consider to be our friends.

On this occasion of Friendship day that is on 4th August we must try to rediscover the meaning of true friendship. The world is becoming a very hostile place. People are selfish and they do not want to tolerate anything. We must think what is this world that we are giving to our children? The children deserve a happy and a peaceful world. The essence of friendship is peace. We must ensure that there is friendship not only among individuals but also between the countries and the nations. Unless we all share a true and deep feeling of concern for others we will never be able to attain peace.

The concept of friendship day started so that people could get over the bitterness of the war and try to live peacefully together. Today we have an even more hostile situation than we had at the end of world war two. Small children are carrying guns around and shooting others. The big countries are trying to exploit the small ones as much as they can. Every day we hear of terrorist attacks and people being killed. There is no sense of peace and we all know that another war can start any moment. All countries today have nuclear power and if a war breaks this can lead to devastation that is beyond imagination. It is more important today that we build strong relationship between the nations. If there is a war today the devastation will be such that we will never be able to reverse the effect.

We all want to live in a peaceful world. We want that our children grow up in peace and live a normal life without fear. This is possible only when we try to understand the true meaning of friendship and ensure that the whole world appreciates the value of true friendship. Perhaps that friendship day we should try to add a new meaning to the concept of this day and celebrate international peace and harmony. Let this friendship day be a day to celebrate the friendship between nations and pray that man can live together happily. That’s the best we can do for our children give them a world where they can live a happy life and without fear.

It is the greed and jealousy that man feels which has led to this situation of hostility on Earth. We have to look at a friendship day that will ensure that humans come together as friends forgetting about the country, their economic and social position, as well as the color of their skin. The day we can break all these man made barriers and stand together as a human race we will be actually celebrating the friendship day as that was the original idea of having this day celebrated. Let’s make 5th August 2018 (friendship day 2018) to be celebrated as the day of universal brotherhood, the true spirit of friendship day!

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