Happy Eid

Happy Eid

Eid Mubarak

Metaphysics Knowledge wishes all our Muslim brethren across the world A Very Happy Eid


It is one of the greatest festival which is celebrated on this Earth

With so many followers of Islam this is symbol of a pious faith birth

We wish you a very happy Eid, may Allah shower blessings on you all

With such blessings you will enjoy life and you will stand tall

Just follow the teachings of Allah the Almighty and you shall never fail

For all that you have got in life, just thank InshAllah and hail

Let there be peace and harmony in the world without and religious fights

Despite the differences in religion, we all are humans and have same rights

Islam is one of the most peace spreading religions if understood bit deep

Those who indulge in violence in its name are just wolves in shroud of sheep

A true Muslim lays down his/her life for others and never takes

Such is the might of a Muslim warrior that the entire earth shakes

Whenever someone tells you to be careful that Islam preaches hate

Just tell them bluntly that it is an entirely wrong fact o mate

Prophet Mohammed is equally great as Guru Nanak ji, Krishna or Rama

They are all messengers of God, even deities like Shiva or Shyama

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