The Spiritual Form of Globalization

The Spiritual Form of Globalization


It has been repeated time and again in history, yet we never seem to learn

Why is it so that leaving our own kith and kin, for others we do yearn

Of course there is a difference when the Saints say so, for who is this other

Every person on this Earth, nay Universe, is just a sister, parent or brother

So basically this is the ultimate spiritual form of globalization, where all merge

There is no place for any negative feeling, where entire negativity does purge

Where the person is so engrossed in seeing the world is a single family so big

Unlike the uninitiated who are thoughtless, and dont give a damn fig

When you have hatred in your heart, then certainly you time is bad

With so much to admire if you have such feelings, it is really very sad

For a true seeker, there is nothing different from one’s own self, not at all

It is only this Universal realization that prevents mankind from steep fall

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