Let There Be Peace: ISIS vs Islam

Let There Be Peace: ISIS vs Islam


Holy shit: that is perhaps the word that comes to your mind as you watch this picture. Obscene as it might seem, it is an expression of resentment and anger against the so called torch bearers of Islam, namely the ISIS. This brave act was performed by a lady and her friend who had the courage to goto the extent of clicking a nude picture menstruating and pooping on the flag of the ISIS. It does not need any imagination to think what would be the fate of these women if the ISIS could lay their hands on them but still they did this act. A few lines dedicated to the bravery of these women:

It is really strange and said what people do in the name of Islam which is so pure

Even Prophet Mohammed would be shedding tears at this, I am so certain so sure

The Quran teaches to show compassion and peace to all human beings on this Earth

It is really a shame that terrorists such as ISIS are only muslims by virtue of birth

Yet a true Muslim would never massacre any innocent, never shed such blood

Look what these deranged people have done, have shed blood like in a flood

Hats off to these brave ladies who risked their lives by showing them their worth

Surely this will give rise to more determination, of courage there wont be any dearth

Instead of fleeing your homes, just fight with these handful of men, die if it has to be that

Why run away with your families, without fighting, leaving behind your home or flat

If you keep running, you will not reach anywhere you will simply be find your doom

At least kill five of them, then only rest, if they can blast, you can also go boom boom

Let us all raise our voice for do not think that it has happened in France

If you do not show resistance, the very next might be your home its a chance

We salute you of ladies, for you did what most of us wont even dream, let alone dare

To unstrip these terrorists of their outward religious garb, they had to lay everything bare

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