The Magical Power Of A Horse Shoe

The Magical Power Of A Horse Shoe

Since the ancient times a horse shoe has been considered as a lucky charm. Many people from across the world and cultures believe that the horse shoe has some very positive qualities that can change the environment of the house. It is not clear how this belief started but let us take a look at some interesting facts related to this.

The Metal 

Some say that goblins and spirits were scared of iron so they would not come close to a house that had a horse shoe in front of it that’s how this belief started that horse shoe is lucky. The goblins would also steal babies and people were scared of these little people. In the olden days iron was a magical metal. It was believed that the blacksmiths who made the horse shoes had magical powers. That was also one reason why these were considered lucky.

Definitely it is more of a western concept that of an Indian one. In Hindi is it called Ghode ki naal. Blacksmiths were respected for the job they were doing and they at times blessed the newly married couples to ensure that they have a happy married life.

Advantages of Horse Shoe

The following are some of the advantages of having the horse shoe inside the house.

  1. It can bring good luck to people living inside the house and keeps away the evil spirits.
  2. It keeps the energy in the house positive and throws away all the negative energies.
  3. It is a symbol of good luck.
  4. Horse shoe can be wrapped in a cloth and kept in locker to attract money and in a store house of grains so that the house never has shortage of grains and food.
  5. In Hindu astrology it is suggested that wearing a ring made with a horse shoe or a ring that is shaped as a horse shoe can bring in good luck and remove all the graha doshas in the horoscope of a person.
  6. Horse shoe shaped jewellery is quite popular across the world. Many pendents and bracelets are available all around the world that are made in horse shoe shape.
  7. In India the popular belief is that if you feel someone has done a black magic in your house you should hang the horse shoe with the points towards the sky. This will remove the black magic from the house.
  8. The horse shoe was nailed to the coffins of the witches so that they could not come back to life.
  9. If one sleeps with a horse shoe under the pillow on new year’s eve it will bring good luck.
  10. Another interesting fact that added to the belief that horse shoe is lucky is the fact that when the horse shoe was hammered into the leg of the horse the horse did not feel any pain. This was strange because the horse should feel an extreme pain in such a case. This made people believe that horse shoe had a magical power that ensured that the horse does not get hurt as its hammered. The people wanted to get the same power and magic of horse shoe in their lives.
  11. If guests are entering from a door with horse shoe hanging on top they should leave from the same door otherwise they will take away the good luck with themselves.
  12. The horse shoes point towards the heavens so they take care of the financial and spiritual needs of those who live in the house.

Some Important Tips

There are some points that must be kept in mind before using a horse shoe and they are:

  1. Only the horse shoes that were once worn by a horse and have come out of a horse’s leg are considered lucky. A horse is an animal that has a strong energy level and the horse shoe carries this energy that makes it a lucky charm. In feng shui horse is a powerful animal.
  2. The two ends of the horse shoe should be pointing downwards and not upwards. Some belive that it should be the other way round because if the the horse shoe is pointing down all the good luck will fall off.
  3. If you look carefully at a horse shoe you will notice that seven nails are used to fix it into the leg of the horse. The number seven has always been considered as lucky and auspicious.
  4. Crecent moon is considered auspicious in many cultures and that is exactly why horse shoe is also considered to be lucky.
  5. Horse shoe represents the spiritual and material needs of a person.
  6. The horse shoe should not be place on a door that is facing East or South East.

Some Precautions

There are some tips that you must keep in mind as you keep a horse shoe in the house and they are:

  1. You should never place a horse shoe on the top of a metal door. Some say that metal will bounce the good luck and stop it from coming inside again. If your main dorr is of metal then keep the horse on top of a big window.
  2. Once you get the horse shoe clean it well and if possible color and polish it too. That will make it look nice.
  3. If the main door of the house is of metal hand the horse shoe on top of a window. It can be kept anywhere inside the house to get good luck.
  4. Some say that you must apply attraction oil on the horse shoe and keep it near a candle so that the impurities and the negative aspects of the horse shoe ends.
  5. Close your eyes and thik of how you want your life to be as you see the horse shoe on a daily basis this will take you closer to the life that you want.
  6. Some chant for good fortune as they see the horse shoe.
  7. Sprinkle a powder of cinnamon over the shoe to make it even more powerful.
  8. If you do not want to keep it on the main door just wrap it in a cloth and place it in a safe part of the house.

Horse shoe will for ever remain as a symbol of good luck for all. It is a lucky charm that will never lose its magic. Try to get a horse shoe into the house and feel the strong powers of the horse shoe.

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