Spend time with them, and gain their blessings

Spend time with them, and gain their blessings

Spend some time with elders, for you have nothing to loose but much to gain

To spare a few moments with them, try and you will never feel your energies drain

For they are the source of inspiration, the warehouse of knowledge and so much power

Being in their contact you will feel re-energized just like being near a powerful tower

Do not go by their frail bodies, for you fail to realize how much they have to share

Do anything but do not ever insult or be mean to them, just beware, dont even dare

In the orient we touch the feet of elders, it is not a sign of customs that are age old

You need to realize the power of blessings, then you will not remain distant or cold

Try to help the aged and old, for they have given the best part of their life for you

No matter what relation you have, dont be a loser but respect them and be true

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