Najat Belkacem: The Power Of Determination

Najat Belkacem: The Power Of Determination

Najat BelkacemThis is the picture of the first female French minister Najat Belkacem who was born in a poor shepherd family in Morocco, but she never let her limitations come in the way of her dreams. Not only this simple girl toiled hard along with her father, she also managed to complete her studies and enter public life to become the education minister also dubbed as the new face of France.

Impossible is nothing if you have the will to go the long way and fight

If you do not follow any bad practices but always do what is right

You will surely find a way, for focused will has immense power

It breaks all obstacles and hurdles, brings blessings in a shower

So whatever may be your today, just refuse to accept defeat

Just keep walking with faith and patience, do not betray or cheat

In the end the road will be beautiful, you will reach for the sky

Then the world is at your disposal, openĀ  your wings and fly

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