Is Black Magic A Reality?

Is Black Magic A Reality?

This is the 21st century and science and technology have made immense strides. Yet many often we see that people talk about things like black magic and vashikaran when things are not going right for them. So what is the reality behind such things? Is black magic a reality and can someone really do black magic on any other person and what is the science behind it if any?

The term science regarding such matters may appear bit mislead but there is certainly a science behind superstitions which is outlined in this post. We have already written a lot about such things but here we are putting forward a discourse given by Sadhguru which is taken from the official Isha Blog and clears many myths in this regard.

Can someone do black magic to me JS1MP

Disclaimer: though we have posted the teachings of Sadhguru on the topic of black magic with full acknowledgement at our portal, we do not claim to represent Isha foundation in any way. This post is just meant to disperse information about this topic.

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