How does a person behave in the post hypnosis state?

How does a person behave in the post hypnosis state?

Today we will discuss about the behaviour of a person who is under the influence of hypnosis. Hypnosis is a topic that has been of interest for many years in metaphysics. Whenever there is a mention of metaphysics hypnosis does get a mention. A much debated topic on which a lot has been written. Hypnosis has been used a tool for the treatment of many mental and physical problems. It is not necessary that hypnosis is always done with a bad intention or it is done just to have some fun.

Constructive Uses of Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be used in a very constructive way to help people who are trying to get over the habits of smoking or drugs. To make a meaningful use of hypnosis you must understand the concept of post hypnosis. This is a topic that not much has been discussed about.

We all know that human mind is complex. Human mind can be made to think and do a lot of things that perhaps is physically not possible. When a person is under hypnosis he or she tends to remain under the influence of hypnosis even after they have come out of the state of hypnosis.

An Example

We will give an example here so that the readers can get a better idea of what we are trying to say. Once a chain smoker was brought to a doctor by his family. So that he could get over the fatal habit of smoking. The doctor tried a lot of things and nothing actually worked then the doctor introduced the patient to a psychiatrist who knew the art of  hypnosis quite well.

The patient had no idea that the other person was going to do hypnosis on him. During the state of hypnosis the psychiatric instructed the patient that whenever he smokes, after the first two puff as he takes the third puff he will not like the taste of the cigarette and throw it. The patient was taken out of the state of  hypnosis and now he was in the post hypnosis. He was talking normally for some time and then he felt the urge to smoke.hynotism2

He took out a cigarette and lighted it. After two puffs when he was about to take a third puff he reacted by saying that the cigarette was not of good quality and tasted very bad. He further went on to explain that the packaging of the cigarette is not good as a result they taste awful.

After that he took out another cigarette and he felt the same again. He sent his servant to get a new packet and this time again the reaction  was the same. After the first two puffs as soon as he would take a third puff he somehow hated the taste of the cigarette. The patient started to feel very irritated.

The doctors felt that it was time to tell the patient what was happening. They explained that the patient was under the influence of hypnosis that is exactly why he was behaving in such a way. The patient understood what was happening. The doctors again used hypnosis on the patient and this time told him that he will enjoy the taste of the cigarette like he used to do before. After this the patient was able to enjoy the taste of cigarette again like he used to do before.

Post Hypnosis State

The state of post hypnosis is indeed a very important state and it must be understood well. If you do then you can use this state quite effectively to ensure that you or any one you care for can get rid of bad habits like smoking and drinking. It can be used to give a healthy and a better life to others.

In many countries the concept of post hypnosis is extensively used. Some countries where there is a lack of good doctors and nurses post hypnosis was practiced. The patients would be under the influence of hypnosis and they would be told which medicine to take and how to administer the medicine.

The patients would be in the state of post hypnosis and they would do as they were told in the hypnosis session and this helped many doctors to cure a lot of patients whom they could not attend to personally all the time.

hynotism1There is another case about a famous psychiatrist from India wrote who wrote his experience in the field of post hypnosis. He was renowned for his knowledge of post hypnosis and thus one day a father came to meet him along with his daughter. The father said that his daughter was in love with a boy who was not good and she was not ready to listen to her parents. If this young girl married this guy it will be a huge name shame for her family and they will be shattered.

The doctor decided to help the father so he hypnotised the daughter and in the state of hypnosis told her that the boy she was in love with was a characterless fellow. All that he wanted was physical love the moment he gets it he will leave this girl and go. After that the girl left with her father. The girl was now in a state of post hypnosis and she sub consciously started to believe what she was told. 15 days letter the father wrote a letter to the psychiatrist saying that his daughter had a huge fight with the lover of hers and now she does not want to see the face of the guy. The father was very happy with this development.

PC Sarkar

Famous magician P.C. Sarkar had also once mentioned that magic is nothing but the art of mass hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used in Indian magic shows for years but not much is known about the usage of post hypnosis in magic.

So these examples prove that post hypnosis can be used to solve social and family issues too. This can ensure peace and stability in life. It is indeed true that post hypnosis can be used for a lot of purpose and for the benefit of one and all.  Many times the post hypnosis is used but not much has been mentioned or written about the same. It is definitely an interesting topic and much more research can be done in this field to understand till what extent post hypnosis can be used on human mind.

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