First head transplant: 2018 or centuries ago?

First head transplant: 2018 or centuries ago?

This is a title which might keep away many critics who do not have an open mind and simply dismiss this post based on their pre-conceived notions. However all I ask from everyone who comes across this page is to just read with an open mind, do not believe or have blind faith but at least be reasonable enough to give it a thought

Head transplant

Firstly it seems an impossible task but just a little reflection can show that nothing is impossible. Diseases which were hitherto declared as fatal now are just normal and can be treated with few injections. In the same way even though we think that head transplant is impractical, doctors are very close to achieving it and if all goes well, we might see it in another year or so.

Video courtesy: Sky news youtube channel

Here is a report from a reputed British newspaper regarding this

Read article on head transplant at Daily mail

This might and should seem as something very interesting, astonishing and revolutionary and it is indeed so.

The ancient connection

All is well but there is one thing to ponder. Is this the first kind of surgery or has it been done in the past. If you go by scientific recorded history, even asking such a question is bad. But if you see many inventions and discoveries have been traced back to the ancient science and technology which existed in the world centuries ago. There are N number of examples of such things and that of pyramids of Egypt are one such example which cannot be explained by modern science, yet they stand evidence of strong building technology which is even difficult if not impossible to imitate even these days with all the current technology.

Lord Shiva

For those familiar with Hindu mythology, they know the story when Lord Ganesha was beheaded by his own father Lord Shiva. The mother then raised a huge hue and cry and since the Maa Shakti could not be left to cry, Shivji went to search for some head. They found a baby elephant lying dead who had died recently. They used that head to change with that of Lord Ganesha.

This might seem unbelievable but it is quite similar a technique to that being used by the doctor described in this post. There are many other similar techniques like we had published a post on rocket science used in previous era along with sketches. Infact if we go deeper there are thousands of such discoveries. Even the law of gravitation got its name from the concept of Gurutwakarshan which was coined ages before even Sir Issac Newton was born

I am not belittling these great scientists, they were great humans too, but I only mean to say that such science which existed ages ago is being rediscovered again

Infact even a popular medicine science carried an article where they gave some medical facts related to this surgery as per medical understanding and this article can be read here.

So we are not advocating anything but just giving you food for thought…

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