Astrology—What Is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish, is a part of ancient Vedic culture. It is the knowledge of Vedas and which works on the position of planets at the time of individual’s birth. If someone knows the exact time and place of his birth, vedic astrology is able to predict his future almost accurately.

Vedic astrology can not only can make predictions regarding personal issues but give global vedic predictions also. By being aware of this, an individual can be prepared for its ill effects. In ancient India, astrology used to be taught to all students in gurukuls (ancient schools) and it followed the tradition till date. Although it has seen bad times also but now in modern India study of astrology has been revived by many reputed institutions and even in some foreign universities also.  It is being pursued as a serious discipline.

There are three main branches of vedic astrology—

Siddhanta (Astronomy): This covers astronomy and its application in the field of astrology. The main astronomical features are the Sun, the moon and the planets.

Samhita (Mundane Astrology): This branch covers mainly financial, political and natural positions related to countries such as war, earthquakes, elections etc. It covers vaastu shashtra (construction of house), portens and omens also.

Hora (Predictive Astrology): This branch of astrology has sub branches which are as follows:

Gola: This refers to Positional Astronomy;

Ganita: This uses mathematical diagnostic tools for analyzing the results of Gola;

Jataka: This refers to natal astrology. It is an art of reading vedic natal chart or birth chart, giving a broad idea about the main issues of individual’s life such as his life span, education, career, marriage and children etc. It indicates the personality, character and psychic abilities of natives and makes prediction as per individual horoscope or birth chart.

Swar Shashtra (Phonetical Astrology): This branch makes predictions based on name and sound.

Prasna: In Sanskrit its literal meaning is question. It is a pattern of answering specific questions by an astrologer based upon the time the question is asked by an individual. This question can arise in native’s mind related to his marriage, career, choice of city or country. Before asking a question one should write down the question so he/she is clear in mind. Don’t ask more than three questions in a day. Ask only one question at one time. Pray to God that He answer your question through the astrologer.

Muhurta: It is a science of selecting an auspicious time to start something new to get fruition results in different life activities such as marriage, opening a new business, buying a house etc. It is a science of timing, doing something right in right time.

Nimitta (omens and portens): To start this first astrologers clean up a small area decorate it with raw rice, flowers and paan Leaves. Then they begin puja (worship) of Lord Krishna, and meditate to get vedic astrological predictions for future correctly.

Astrology is wide science, that was developed in the ancient times. It requires sensitivity, persistence and belief to understand and follow this field.

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