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Dear Friends

We are a growing platform and have been providing totally free advice to all our viewers in matters related to horoscopes and so forth but of late it has been observed that due to high number of queries, we are not able to keep pace with rising number of emails and we have a evergrowing backlog of pending requests. Even the experts/pundits who work with us charge us and hence it is becoming very difficult for us to continue to provide free advisory services for hundreds of queries daily and pay our expert pundits on our own. We operate on non-profit principles and hence we at least need to cover up our basic costs.

Therefore to ensure that we continue to give quality advice to our readers and also recover our costs, it has been decided to charge a very minimal amount of fee INR 151/= only (USD 11/- for non residents) so that we can answer your queries with the help of experts who can help to solve your problems. Previously we had many categories of questions like free, normal, urgent etc but for convenience we have all clubbed it into a single category.

So, kindly pay either through paypal, or bank account of one of our representatives whose details are given below and send us an email regarding the same. Once your payment is confirmed we will get back with your query in about a week as even with paid cases we have a long waiting list

Important Note: Many people pay us at bank but do not write a reference note or email us that they have paid so sometimes we cannot make out who has paid as we receive large number requests each day. So please make sure you send us an email at our email ID given below or call us at the given numbers OR you can use this Contact Us form.

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  • Fill in your correct details. The accuracy of the reading depends on how accurate is the information supplied to us. Also please better write your month of birth in characters in query box also like say for example 2 Feb 1930


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Dear friends please pay our fee by going to this link and then fill the horoscope form