Ghost Sex: Paranormal Or Psychological?

Many people say that they have had the strange experience of having a sexual intercourse with a ghost. There are a large number of such encounters that mention about a ghost lover. It can be a man as well as a woman. Well most of these experiences happen when a person is deep in sleep. They experience that someone is touching them and getting close to them but they cannot see this entity. The paranormal experts feel that this can be a fact.

Is Ghost Sex Real?

There are many ghosts who look out for humans to full fill their sexual desires. They often target men and women who are lonely and who need some sexual pleasure in life. They attack these humans when they are alone in the house and are in a state of deep sleep. As a result the humans are not able to understand if what is happening to them is real or not. Some of these ghosts can come back again for the same activity. Some ghosts may not return again.

Ghost Sex

Ghost Sex

The stories are definitely scary but they also have a good element of thrill in them. Many of the humans who have experienced these strange sexual behaviours say that the experiences are mostly quite pleasurable. Some consider the experience abnormal and extremely scary. You are forced to do something that is against your will and you cannot even see the person who is doing it to you. There has been mention of such stories even in the past. Especially in the rural parts of the country you will get to hear more about these stories. The history of supernatural sex is a long one and it’s present in almost all parts of the world.

Conceiving With Supernatural Sex

The books on paranormal activity claim that women can also conceive from such experiences. However, there has never been any such story reported of women conceiving from such experiences. There is a mention in Genesis that a child who is born from such an intercourse will be a giant. Some men have reported encounters will women who look like fairies and are extremely beautiful.

They attract these men but they are not visible to anyone else apart from the man who falls in love with them. They seduce the men and after the intercourse they just vanish into the thin air. Their beauty is so strong that the men get attracted towards them very easily. These fairies can take off all the energy from the man that they attach themselves too and can eventually lead to the death of the man. They mostly target men who are single and young.


In the villages there are ghost hunters who can handle these cases and ensure that the man or the woman who is experiencing these encounters is treated and the ghosts leave them. In most of these cases the human takes some time to understand what exactly happened to them. Some feel that these ghosts like characters and fairies are real and they do not talk about them unless it is too late.

Some feel that this is just a figment of their imagination and they ignore these occurrences. These encounters can cause both mental and physical pain to the person suffering. If you have ever heard of such an incident or you are of late experiencing such incidents then you must report the same to a close friend or family at the earliest. However, if these encounters are reported on time remedies can be thought of.

The View of Science

The science needs proof. It cannot belive some folklore to be true. They feel that these cases are just hallucinations. In the state of deep sleep our subconscious mind is awake. It makes us think of things that are not real. These are just dreams and manifestation of unfulfilled desires of men and women. They dream of having sex with an unknown entity that they cannot see. They start to imagine these incidents to be true. The experts say that it is common for many people to have such experiences at least once in a lifetime and it must not be taken very seriously. Most of the incidents are reported by people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs that adds to their depression.

If a person starts to experience these incidents more often and it traumatised by them then there is a matter of concern and it must be taken up seriously. There are medicines and counselling that can be given to the patients to ensure that they recover faster and better. We hope that by reading this article on ghost sex you will get a fair idea on both the aspects of the topic.

This will help you to understand if these experiences that you are having is normal or you need to consult a doctor for this. Experiencing ghost sex is a state of your mind when you cannot differentiate between reality and illusion. It is a strange state and cannot be explained easily. It cannot happen to all. Mostly it happens to people who are lonely and need some sexual pleasure in life. With a little treatment and help you can definitely give it a good fight back.

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