The Perfect Family: Worldly & Spiritual


Fighting and quarrel is normally a part and parcel of everyday family life

No matter what the relations, parents, siblings, relatives, husband or wife

You cannot find a house without such issues, no family perfect in that way

Yet all that matters is the love and bonding, that is there at the end of the day

Never allow your fights to get stored permanently in your heart, that is a disaster

Though this principle is becoming less by the day, as the lives are becoming faster

The family is your strength in the world, and it includes relatives distant as well

Unless you mingle with everyone, you will just remain in your isolated shell

One myth is that relatives are a burden, usually made by people who dont want to deal

Even if there are quarrels, just forget them and forgive and how how things will heal

It is also good for your own self, for when you are at peace and serenity with all

You will find the inner strength to sustain, no matter how great the outward fall

The parents might seem old, always giving good advice which is never any harm

Without their existence and support, you would hardly live to see the current day charm

The siblings might seem distanced yet the bond is strong as never to break

Let the family be your foundation, the faith that no one will be able to shake

The true yogi goes even further than this and includes all humanity and stands tall

For the universal thread of consciousness binds us all, there is no one outside  at all

The entire universe is the family for one who realizes the true self, no one is beyond

So for the entire srishti they are concerned, even non living things they are fond

“Na ko bairi naa begaana” so says the soul which is fully liberated and all seeing

It is a great opportunity to meet such a person, who loves with all his being

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