Baal Shiva: The Cute Trinity Member

Baal Shiva: The Cute Trinity Member


This is a cute form of Lord Shiva in the baal roop when he adored the Earth

Anyone could say He is One of the Trinity, even since the time of his birth

The glow of His face matched that of a million suns, so radiant and bright

The Saints and Sages came from far for they knew His stature and height

Tiger skin adorned Him, even at such young age when He was a toddler small

It continued to be His cover, even when He was a form of God and stood tall

The small damroo which He used to play as a child can turn the world upside down

Let alone His third eye, the evil people and demons are afraid even of His frown

The moon on His head shows His cool nature despite being powerful, so gentle

The Prayers you do to him will make you strong all around, physical and mental

They say He is the destroyer, yet He is one of the greatest preservers and nice

Even His followers include all sorts, ganas, rakshahas, bhoots, naags and mice

We bow to this divine form, engrossed in the childhood play like any other

Blessed is the lady who gave birth to this form, truly divine is the mother

(Note: the form of Lord Shiva depicted belongs to a sweet child dressed as Lord Shiva which we have used metaphorically to depict His baal form)

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