For God So Loved The World

It seems ages that I have been in this world travelling all along

Life has been good except some times and it has been a pleasant song

There are phases of good and bad in everyone’s life, there are patches rough

It is only that you need to pass through them with steadiness, just be tough

You cannot afford to sit back or relax, keep moving towards the goal

You have to reach it through any means, your own self, your own soul

The journey might end soon, with a new start in a new life in another form

Until you dont burn your karmas, you will need to come back, that is the norm

As he was thinking at that very moment the Lord Jesus just lifted His hand

Come to Me o my son, dont get deluded, time is just temporary like quick sand

Do not worry too much, do not have anxiety for nothing will remain forever

Just be back to your old spirit, you cannot say no, not in any case, never

The solider has to fight, the battle lasts till the final breath is exhaled

Even then the life form will get converted, when new life breathes and inhaled

On this Good Friday, when even the Messiah gave up His life, there is hope bright

Keep walking even if you fall, get up and try again, at the end there will be light

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