Do Good, Be Good, Get Good

Do Good, Be Good, Get Good


It is not for others that we should not be just nice but do good to others

It is not just a mere saying that we should live like sisters and brothers

For the more we do good, the more will the karmas effect our thoughts

So just dont be conservative, just try to do it more and more, lots n lots

Do not look for praise, neither expect anything from those who you do good

Do not bother even if at your time of need, not even one of those near you stood

The law of karma works without fail, if your mind is purified, you will become pure

The nature or God, whatever you call, will be instantly there in need, just be sure

In the realm of goodness not only humans but all living and nonliving beings do include

Even the simple acts go a long way, just like giving a stray dog a small piece of food

When you see a beggar on the street, do not despise of make fun by saying they are fake

Just try to imagine can you do such an act for sake of money, realize what does it take

When you do not judge, you will not be judged but just keep sympathy and compassion

Make sure you do charity honestly from the heart, just do not do it for show off or fashion

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