Fifth Chakra: Importance & Healing

Fifth Chakra: Importance & Healing

We have already discussed the four chakras in the human body. Today we will move on to the fifth chakra. It is also called the vishuddha chakra. It is located in the throat and close to the spine. The fifth chakra stands for self-expression, creativity and communication. The throat is solely responsible for speech this is exactly why the fifth chakra is associated with speech and communication.

Importance of Fifth Chakra

  • The fifth chakra is very important for spiritual and physical health of the person. If the fifth chakra is not functioning properly then the person will face a lot of issues.

    Lion Pose

    Lion Pose

  • If the fifth chakra is not balanced then the person will not be able to communicate properly as a result their personal life and relationships will suffer. With a weak fifth chakra you will fail to listen to others and jump into conclusions. This will cause your interpersonal skills to suffer badly.
  • The fifth chakra also controls honesty and morality. This is exactly why people with a weak fifth chakra will often be dishonest. This leads to lack of trust and as a result the people with a weak fifth chakra will often lead a life that is secluded and aloof.
  • Writers and leaders will generally have a strong fifth chakra. This is mainly because the fifth chakra controls communication. If you cannot communicate you cannot be a good personal relationship person.
  • People with a weak fifth chakra often fail to reach an influential position in life. This is because they cannot communicate well and are not given enough respect. Many musicians and poets often have a very strong fifth chakra.
  • The fifth chakra controls the voice quality. If you have a weak fifth chakra your voice will not have enough depth.
  • The people with a weak fifth chakra often suffer from a lot of physical ailments. These physical ailments mostly pertain to the mouth, ear, nose, thyroid and sinus.
  • Some people with an imbalanced fifth chakra can suffer from pain in the neck and in the shoulders. The pain is so deep that even medication cannot remove the pain.

We hope by now you have got a clear idea of what the fifth chakra is all about and how it can influence your life. If you have any of the above symptoms then it means that your fifth chakra needs healing.

Healing of Fifth Chakra

We will now discuss how you can heal the fifth chakra. We will discuss a few tips and steps that you can follow in order to heal the fifth chakra.

  • The first and the very simple healing technique for the fifth chakra are to open your mouth. Look at the blue sky and let the colour of the sky get into you. The blue colour will help you to heal the fifth chakra.
  • Another healing technique for the fifth chakra is to write a sentence about you and read it aloud. In the next step write a sentence write a deeper sentence. Then read it loud again. Keep doing this for about half an hour.
  • As a third healing method for the fifth chakra look for a place that is secluded. Here sing a song. You must try to ensure that you sing in your own personal voice. Don’t try to make the voice sound like that of someone else.
  • Yet another method you can follow as a good healing method for the fifth chakra is let someone speak for five minutes. You pick up the points and don’t interrupt. When the person is done just repeat what you made out of the things spoken. Please try to avoid an opinion on the same. You must exactly say what was told to you. You can also ask the person listening to you to repeat what you said.
  • As a fifth chakra healing you can do an important exercise. Speak to people what you feel and the truth only. This will help you to heal the fifth chakra better. You can create something new and display it to get the response that you are looking for.
  • If you are into yoga regularly, do the lion pose. We will explain about the Simhasana or lion pose in another post but for a brief description it imitates the roaring of a lion with a physical pose as shown in the picture.
  • To heal the fifth chakra you can also use the sandalwood, tree tea, lavender and etc. For healing of the fifth chakra these elements can be of great use. However, please don’t apply these directly to the skin.

These simple techniques to heal the fifth chakra will definitely help you improve the quality of this chakra. You have to affirm yourself and you will realise how these simple process can change your life forever.

This is all that you need to know about the fifth chakra. You must try to first understand the problem that you are facing with the fifth chakra. Only once you know the problem can you solve it using the steps that we have mentioned on how to heal the fifth chakra.

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