Village Tales: Can Sulphas Heal Cancer?

Village Tales: Can Sulphas Heal Cancer?

Firstly for those readers who may not be familiar with rural life and especially the young kids living in hi-tech cities, we must paint a brief picture of what a typical village in remote rural areas in developing countries such as India look like. Think of the most simple gadgets and you may not find them, and basic amenities like electricity and water might be a luxury.

So do we compare these people to the stone age civilization? NOT at all. These people have equal level of intelligence, perhaps far advanced levels of health, spirituality, peace of mind and yes they might be somewhat short of so called modern amenities but they manage without it.

Worth a study?

Due to the above factors most of us think that anything that happens in the village must be superstitious or unscientific and does not need any attention but it is not so. There are certain things like as local cures and treatment, customs, rituals, traditions which have been made with some purpose in mind. We will take up some of these tales in our future posts but today I want to share an example about a person in my native village who was suffering from cancer and what happened next will surely surprise you.

Important Note: please note that this story is only for sharing information as obtained from interviews and needs scientific research so please DO NOT try this at home. Metaphysics Knowledge is not responsible for any casualty resulting from such an act.

Haria’ Story

Let us name that guy Haria for alias sake and he is a middle aged man, a nearly illiterate village folk who lived a healthy lifestyle but all of a sudden he started to get unwell and over the months he lost quite some weight, and had lot of other problems. Finally after months of trying out local cures, he went to the government hospital who then referred him to a place where he could get done some tests at low cost.

The results of the test were quite devastating as he was found to have an advanced stage of gastric cancer. The medicos clearly told him that he only has most probably a few weeks to live and unless he takes some expensive medicines, his end days might be very painful and full of agony.

The guy being from a very weak financial background, was quite dejected and after days of pondering on what to do, he made a decision, a deadly one for that.

Sulphas Poison

Thinking about all the pros and cons, he came to the conclusion that instead of suffering to death slowly and selling whatever small piece of land he had to obtain the medicines, he would rather hasten up the process of death. With this in mind he got hold of the deadly sulphas tablets which is a very strong poison and swallowed many tablets in one go when he was in the fields so that no body would get blamed for his death considering it as a murder or anything else.

One thing he had in mind while doing so (as he narrated later) was that if the sulphas can kill human being why cant it kill the disease causing germs which are causing cancer. He was not aware that cancer does not have germs but it is mainly a cell mutation but that is what his mind believed.



He felt very dis-comfortable and went in unconsciousness and when he woke up he was still lying there with lot of vomit around which he might have done before going unconscious but was in so much stress and pain that he did it involuntarily. It was perhaps the result of this vomit that the poison did not affect him so he was quite shaken with the experience and could not muster courage to eat more tablets so he quietly returned home without saying anything to anyone.

Days passed by and so did weeks but now he felt that he was not having as much symptoms of fatigue, pain etc like before and even months passed by. Everyone in family and village were also happy though they were surprised as well. So they started to inquire which medicines he was taking as they seemed to be very effective.

The Narration

It was later after many months that he told this story that such and such thing had happened and now he feels totally cured. Of course he did not get done any tests after that as he did not want to go to doctors again but as of now it has been many years and he lives on cheerfully. Of course being from a simple village background he is not interested in circulating his story and is content with getting healed and living his own life with family.


So what do we conclude from the above story. Is it that sulphas acted as a medicine or it was his faith of mind which healed him. Nothing can be said of certain but the fact of the matter is that he is alive and without pain, irrespective of the inner condition which only tests can confirm.

A bit of research shows that nothing is a poison when taken in the right quantity and overdoze of everything is a poison. If you read this report from the Museum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 2006 you can see how different types of poisons have been used in the treatment of diseases over time.

On the other hand we also know for sure that mind power or mind over matter is an actual reality which can work processes not associated with our normal realm of experience hence we call them miracles. There have been incidents of faith healing across the world which have surprise people and there was not plausible scientific explanation behind them. This does not mean to say that they are fake.


Whatever may be the real reason, our purpose of publishing this post is not to spread false information or rumours but to ensure that this incident comes in the notice of the concerned people who might be willing to explore further on the subject. I know most of the people would simply not be interested in this story as they will consider this as a fake one but those with a curious mind and some level of belief left in the wonders of nature, will surely like to explore further. Hence we leave it here for the readers to continue to think further….

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