The Path To Eternal Gate

The Path To Eternal Gate

Good Relations

Good relations are like the hands of a clock, dont meet often but connected they stay

For each one has his own path to follow, for each soul there is a unique way

Even that we call a lifetime of unity is just minuscule on the scale of the universe

Often people do not realize this, they consider it not a blessing but a curse

Yet the connection is of the mind, not the body, so say the wise and learned sages

This has been the truth even if we dont like it, no one has stayed for ages

So says the Bhagwad Gita, everything is temporary, so do not be said O soul

Just remember what is your ultimate destiny, remember what is your Divine goal

Yet this is not a selfish outlook, it is one of the most pious endeavours for a human

Only if we are connected to our own self, we can like the world, only then we can

A person who is seemingly disconnected from outside might have the strongest of connections

For it is the true bonding of eternal vibrations which is free from any defects or defections

So learn to go deep inside your own self, learn to dive deep, just learn just learn just learn

For it is the only thing you should be fully mad about, this is the only thing you should yearn

The path might be difficult, the way might seem long, yet it is worth the watch and wait

It is the only path to true glory, not with external world, but directly to the eternal gate

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