Deep troubled waters in life: the analogy

Deep troubled waters in life: the analogy


Despite our best efforts, we just seem to go in deep troubled waters, about to drown

That is mostly the time when we start to lose faith, and at the creator we frown

Yet that is the time when you need to keep patience, and you need to realize

It is not without a purpose or Divine plan that such things happen, so say the wise

So let not your heart be troubled, for these deep waters are not to drown but clean

It is only at such depths that your dirt will be washed off, and you will attain the sheen

When you come out finally of these waters, you will thank God for all the sorrow and pain

For without this tempering and struggle, you would not be fit properly for any gain

Just remember God is like a parent, He is not  your enemy so He cannot give any hurt

So just think twice, nay thousand times, before anything unnecessary you blurt

Thank the creator for giving you the opportunity to go through all the challenges in life

If you had just sat around cozily, you would not have realized the success without the strife

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