Cosmic Will: The Eternal Dance

Cosmic Will: The Eternal Dance

Har Har Mahadev

The entire world is governed by Him, call it nature, God or Cosmic Will

Don’t be worried, nothing can happen, neither good nor bad, so just chill

There are things we call miracles, we seem to find for them a logical reason

Yet there are unexplained mysteries, just out of the blue, out of any season

There are people who seem to be terminally ill, hardly a chance they would survive

Yet some unseen force sustains them, and despite all odds they exist and thrive

So when you play your role in this universe, do it with greatest faith and care

Yet  not even for a moment, you are doing anything, never think don’t even dare

For without His Will and indirect signal, you are nothing, you do not stand a chance

He can do Tandava for destruction, Yet the same Him can sustain the evolutionary dance

You are bound to the law of karma, till you have breath, you have to remain working

Else in the garb of His Will if you become lethargic, the great danger will be lurking

He who created the Cosmos so big that even thoughts cannot go that far

He created it all, whether it is the tiniest speck of sand, or the grandest star

So enjoy the creation, be an active member, harmonize with nature and grow

All your inhibitions, all your shortcomings, just rip apart and away you throw

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