As I Sit At The Breakfast Table

As I Sit At The Breakfast Table

Poverty Karma or Curse

Expecting a few yummy items, as I sit on the breakfast table

I open the paper, the images they show seem far off fable

How can there be so much poverty, sickness and hunger

Surely the editor might have done a mistake, a blunder

Can we blame these kids for having bad karma, not for sure

They are just as good as our own kids, so gentle, so pure

Of course the Law of Karma operates silently, perhaps some previous birth

But is it not our moral obligation to see that they live without any dearth

How many of you can swallow delicacies and overeat, without a thought

Is it not the in sensitiveness of us all, that this condition they were brought

You may have no role to play in the condition of these kids at least

Yet think when you waste your stuff, when you are extravagant at your feast

They do not need our mercy, they need what they rightfully own

They have equal right on each piece of grain that is sown

When will nations stop spending on latest weapons of destruction and war

If the same energy is used for such purposes, that will certainly go very far

Prayer also has immense power, but you need to Pray from the heart and soul

If your vibrations are true not fake, they will certainly reach the destined goal

So today when I eat, I will be hugely thankful for the mercy that God has showered

I can eat what I wish, without thinking twice, so much He has powered

But it is only humanity if we do not think only about ourselves but of others

Like Swami Vivekananda said, all people are His sisters and brothers

So even if you cannot reach out to these kids, break the monotony, just dare

Search around yourself, you will find many, just help one if you actually care

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