Give At The Right Place

Give At The Right Place


Each winter we think of pleasing God, offering Him a “Chaddar”

We give to the best of our ability – cotton, pashmina or “khaddar”

There is  no harm in this, it is certainly an act of faith and joy

Some people do it in good faith, others just for fame a ploy

Yet whatever be the motive, it is good, but there is even better good

Those who sleep in the open, by their side have yo ever stood

If you did, you would realize, they are the true warriors in life

They do not give up, neither end life, come even worst of strife

The next time you think of donating something, go to the road

A heap of warm clothes, or whatever you manage, just load

Help to give someone a new lease of life, your karmas get pure

The blessings you will receive will transform you for sure

Having compassion for fellow beings is the greatest religion of all

Those who follow this religion, in the eyes of the creator stand tall

It is not only important to give but to choose the right place

Give to someone who really are in need, so that they get solace

After you give, feel the happiness, it will become an addiction

Joy and peace that will follow, will be beyond the world, like fiction

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