Allamprabhu Temple (Maharashtra: India)

Allamprabhu Temple (Maharashtra: India)

Today we are starting out with a new series where you will get information in brief about the various temples across the world. Of course by temples we do not mean the worship place of a particular religion or community but we use the term in a generic sense to mean every place which is either a temple, mosque, church, gurudwara or any other place for that matter.

We are posting the first entry about a temple known as Allamprabhu Temple. There is no specific reason to start off with this except that we are thinking of doing it alphabetically as far as possible so will try to stick to the plan.

Please note that we do not claim originality in writing the description and location but have been taken from various sources which will be duly acknowledged in each such post.

Allamprabhu Temple JS1MP

Information Courtesy: Discover India Portal

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