The Path To Freedom

The Path To Freedom


Each man (and woman) is born free as freedom is the ultimate birth right

Such is the price of freedom that to get it, even nations had struggle & fight

This spirit of freedom is not just ego, it is a reflection of the boundless soul

Even though the common people do not realize, to reach it is the actual goal

At the individual level, people fall for temptation, greed and or some other want

They forget that it is only their own self and Almighty, everything they can grant

You cannot control a person who does not want anything for he has no hooks

For such a person is not under anyone, though in everyone’s good books

So whenever you Pray just wish that there should be never a situation in life

That you dont have to beg anything from anyone, no matter what the strife

For tough circumstances will always come, they are a part of ups and downs

It is not always funny, but sometimes we dance to tune of time like clowns

So stand like a lion, be independent, just live in the jungle totally free

Just give what you can to others without expectation, like a green tree

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