The Desire To Help: No One Is Petty

The Desire To Help: No One Is Petty


We often consider sex workers to be characterless and lowly

Yet when one considers such acts, the perception does change slowly

Where many of us are just silent spectators and at the most hear in the news

There are these so called characterless people who have some different views

While the society considers them as greedy, they went out of the way to give

This is the true spirit, the righteous and honourable way to live

They might have come into this flesh trade due to some strong reason

It could be a hopeless childhood, or some ghastly act of treason

Yet it does not kill the humanity within, they are still noble souls

They are just same like us, not as we think they are apart poles

Let us salute these brave girls, they are better than most of civilized society

They have the greatest quality of compassion, sensitivity and piety

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