Persistence Pays In The Long Run

Persistence Pays In The Long Run

rock water

Water is one of the softest liquids which is fully flexible and seems it has no will

You only need to ask the rocks n mountains about water that doesnt stand still

It is not force which makes the way, for so gentle is the flow it hardly matters

Yet when it strikes with persistence, even the greatest rocks it breaks and shatters

In your life, you may feel overwhelmed by challenges that you cannot beat

So you think of giving up, instead of forward march you think of retreat

If you have any such thoughts, take inspiration from water that flows

Despite all the obstacles see how it shines always, how it glows

No matter how hard the journey, keep moving on with faith

You will see how nature will chisel you, like a perfect lathe

In the end you will realize that actually you have to pass through fire

That is the only way to reach your goal, to fulfill your every desire

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